ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Meeting 2011.09.01 Roadmap

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  1. Review roadmap


  • Alex, Steve, Stephen, terry, dan and William


  • DCMTK Module
    • Modularization of ITK has been helpful
    • DCMTK was forked by CTK, but now uses direct DCMTK repo
    • Need to patch DCMTK to expose build settings
    • Need to fix findpackage commands
      • Need a UseDCMTK.cmake file
  • Need ITK ImageFile reader/writer based on DCMTK
    • Focus of Dan's team
  • Consistent population of MetaData Dictionary between DCMTK and GDCM
    • Work in progress
  • Need way of storing header info from DICOM objects in memory and on disk in an established way
    • SQL database
    • Future work - might not happen
  • Implementation
  • Slicer
    • Will use cmd line methods from DCMTK for now (RSNA Release)
    • Will use DCMTK::PACSModule and ITK::DCMTKModule when they are ready
  • Testing
    • DCM4CHEE as main test
    • as an alternative test
    • Safe sequence of clinical PACS testing - as a "am I compatible with ITK DICOM" executable
  • Funding
    • Alex
      • 1 FTE for 2 weeks
    • Dan/William/Mayo
      • Underspent