SimpleITK/Tcon 2010 08 13

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Tcon topics 8/13/2010

  • How many classes to expose ?
    • Start with the classes exposed in v3d plugins (~80)
    • Grow to about ~200 ~300 classes
    • From there, listen to community feedback regarding new classes to add.
  • Support for Large Data
    • SimpleITK must be usable for building real applications.
    • It must support image larger than the available RAM.
  • Identify Target Customers for SimpleITK
    • Groups that are not using ITK at this point, because this consider it too complicated
    • Invite them to be early evaluators of the SimpleITK prototypes.
  • Reviewing the MetaProgramming layer used by Brad L. to instantiate types
  • How to manage multiple component images ?
    • Have an array of simpleITK images ?
  • How to manage time ?
    • ND+t ?