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ITK v4 Unit Testing Framework

Many of the existing ITK 3.20 tests were written for the purpose of testing methods and increasing code coverage. These tests accomplish this task exceedingly well, as code coverage for ITK 3.20 testing exceeds 70% of the entire toolkit. Some of the tests evaluate outputs to validate correctness of filter results. In ITK v4, the Google Testing framework will be added to assist developers in writing sound unit tests.

Unit and regression testing concepts

Formal unit and regression testing helps developers of ITK assure correct behavior of the toolkit. Characteristics of a good unit/regression test framework are:

  • Tests clearly test one discrete unit of functionality
  • Tests verify output(s) of code against a regression standard
  • Tests are simple to read and write by developers

The Google Test framework is a well designed and thoroughly documented unit test framework. Google Test (GTest) is a natural fit with the ctest/CDash framework. GTest creates and manages individual tests, ctest executes GTest recording the results and posts to CDash. GTest is also well integrated with CMake.

Unit testing tutorial

The new unit testing framework leverages GTest and some utility functions specific for ITK. This tutorial will demonstrate many features of the new ITK testing framework (ITKTestHarness).