ITK/Release 4 Planning

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Wish List

Oriented Images

  • Support ND oriented images
    • Using anything other than 3D images won't compile
  • Support ND image in N+1 dimension
    • 2D image can have an origin specified in 3D, thus a series of 2D images is not always Z-aligned
  • All images are oriented - remove concept of an un-oriented image
  • Check use of orientation throughout ITK
    • Spatial Objects
    • Meshes


  • Complete statistics refactoring (see NAMIC sandbox)

FEM Meshes

  • Consolidate FEM Meshes and ITK Meshes

Image registration

  • Set up the infrastructure to ease the implementation of modern optimization schemes for image registration
    • Requires Hessian or pseudo-Hessians of the cost function
    • Requires several types of update rules (additive, compositional, inverse compositional, etc.)
    • References: "Lucas-Kanade 20 years on" by Baker et al.; "Homography-based 2D Visual Tracking and Servoing" by Benhimane and Malis, "Groupwise Geometric and Photometric Direct Image Registration" by Bartoli; etc.