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Schedule of upcoming ITK releases

Release Number Date
2.2 August 30 2005
2.4 November 30 2005
2.6 February 28 2006
2.8 May 30 2006

Release Life Cycle

Last period for adding classes and features

  • New classes will be selected from good reviews from the Insight Journal
  • New features and new methods can be added during this period.

Feature Freeze

  • Increase code coverage
    • address any UNTESTED files
    • address files with code coverage lower than 80%
  • Address Run-time memory issues
    • Purify reports
    • Valgrind reports

CVS Tagging

The repository is tagged by using two tags, one for the reference, and another for the branch.

Posting Tarballs

  • Tarballs are posted to SourceForge
  • Tarballs are linked from the ITK Download

Release 2.4 Schedule

Release Number Start Date End Date
Last period for adding classes October 15 2005 November 11 2005
Feature freeze November 12 2005 November 28 2005
CVS Tagging November 29 2005 November 29 2005
Posting tarballs November 30 2005 November 30 2005

Release 2.6 Schedule

Release Number Start Date End Date
Last period for adding classes January 15 2005 February 11 2005
Feature freeze February 12 2005 February 26 2005
CVS Tagging February 26 2005 February 26 2005
Testing tarballs February 26 2005 February 28 2005
Posting tarballs February 28 2005 February 28 2005

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Contributions from the Insight Journal being considered for inclusion in this Release

Deadline for having 3 reviews : January 31

Except for submission taken from MICCAI Workshop, for which only a code review is needed.

Paper Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 Reviewer 3
Unsupervise Segmentation of Miofibers (from MICCAI Workshop) Luis
Tetrahedral Meshing (from MICCAI Workshop) Vincent
Open Topology Toolkit (from MICCAI Workshop) Bill
Local Maxima Image Filter Karthik
B-Spline Scattered Data Approximation Luis
Binary Morphological opening and closening Luis
Invert Intensity Image Filter Luis
Morphological Gradient Karthik Jim
Modulus Image Filter Luis Jim
Minimal Imposition Image Filter Luis
MINC 2.0 IO Support on ITK Luis Mathieu
Finding regional extrema Luis
Extending MATLAB with ITK Karthik
Image Calculator Luis
Probability Distributions for the Insight Journal Karthik Luis Stephen
Updating GDCM + adding JPEG 2000
ITK Filter for Bayesian Segmentation Karthik