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Given the growth and internationalization of the ITK development team we are experimenting with other mechanisms of communication and coordination.

We are therefore experimenting translation with new technologies hoping to find a new method of communication that can effectively include developers from different geographical zones.

The Virtual World of Second Life

provides a very rich environment of communication


In a first experiment, we will hold the ITK Tcon of

             Friday August 22nd, 2008
                1:00pm  - 2:00pm
               EST (New York Time)

In the virtual World of

                 "Second Life"


The location for the meeting will be the

       "Linden Open Source Project HQ"

You can *teleport* to this location by clicking on the following link:

SecondLife-ITKTcon-01 001.jpg

What is Second Life

Second Life is a virtual environment that is currently used by many academic institutions including:

  • MIT
  • Princeton
  • Harvard
  • Stanford
  • Duke University
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

For a full list, please see following link:

How to Prepare

In order to visit Second Life, you must install a the Second Life Client in your computer. The Client is Open Source software, distributed under a GPL License, [ and it is configured with CMake :-) ]

You can download binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac from:

Then, you must create an account (it is free of charge), at:

If you already have a Second Life account for you personal purposes, you may want to consider creating a second account, so you can customize it better for participating in a professional setting.

  1. Skip the step of joining a community
  2. Select an Avatar
  3. Select a First Name (these names are fictitious, please feel free to express yourself, but be sensitive to what other cultures may consider offensive).
  4. Your Second Life Last name will be selected from a limited list. Again, it is up to your preferences.

Once you have a First Name, Last Name and Password, you will be able to launch the client and to log in. After logging in, you can click on the SLURL (Second Life URL) listed above, to teleport to the "Linden Open Source Project HQ".

Once inside Second Life you will have the opportunity to customize the appearance of your Avatar.

You will need speakers (or headphones) and a microphone to be able to participate in the discussions of the Tcon. There is also a text messaging capability that we can use for coordination, but we mostly anticipate to be using voice communication.

Who Is Who ?

Since Avatar names inside SecondLife are fictitious, we are adding here a table that matches Real-Life names to Second-Life names.

Please note the SecondLife privacy rule prevent you/us from disclosing real names of any Avatar. Therefore, it is only up to every participant to decide if they want to publicly disclose their real names in this table. Please add to this table only your real-name, do not disclose anybody's real name.

Real Life Name Second Life Name
Luis Ibanez (Kitware) Void Svoboda
Dan White MPI-CBG Dresden Chalkie666 Nowhere
Sebastien Barre (Kitware) DarthCorleone Naidoo
Dan Mueller (Philips) Daneel Osterham
Gaëtan Lehmann (INRA) Gaetan Exonar
Alex. Gouaillard (Harvard) agouaillard Bellic
Bradley Lowekamp (LMC NLM) Bradley24 Morpork
Kent Williams (Univ. Iowa) Kent Wirefly
Wesley Turner (Kitware) Wesley Gravois
Kishore Mosaliganti (Harvard) Kishore Craziboi
Arnaud Gelas (Harvard) Arnaud Cluny
Next Real Life Name Next Second Life Name