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How to Join the Tcon

Number to Call

Please be patient, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the call may not start on time...

  • 1-800-728-9607 (in the US) or
  • +1 9139049873 (international)
  • access code 6815251


Project Management

June Meeting in Chapel Hill

Changing Tcon Day/Time

New tcon time

  • FRIDAY 10am EST

Technical Topics



ITKv4 A05

  • Date: January 28th ( hard deadline before Winter Design Meeting )
  • RealTimeStamps have been merged
  • GPU Code was merged yesterday

Major topics to be completed

  • in gerrit?
  • SimpleITK Draft Implementation
    • What is the plan to integrate SimpleITK in to ITK, submodule, subtree, independent respiratory?

ITKv4 A06

  • Modularization
    • Naming structure
    • Migration process

Gerrit Reviews

ITK Readers for Microscopy formats

Thrift Web Services

  • Middleware for moving images across application and language barriers
  • In SimpleITK (a branch) in github

Doxygen Nightly

ITK Data

We had a tcon on December 16th.

Summary here:

Data Collection

  • Brad King working on improving usability

Migration Guide Process

Simple ITK

  • Code generations
    • Using Lua and JSON
  • Interfacing to
    • ImageJ / Fiji
    • CellProfiler
    • Hackathon: Jan 29-Feb 11th in Madison, Wisconsin.


  • Had tcon on January 6th
  • How to use the GPU classes to accelerate Level Sets in SNAP ?
    • Paul Yushkevich


Dan and Mathieu to report

Image Registration Revision

  • Start sending patches to Gerrit
    • New CompositeTransform class is underway
    • New DeformationFieldTransform class is underway
    • Transform IO will be adjusted accordingly

Level Set

Time Stamp Proposal


  • Xiaoxiao is working on building the modular ITK module by module. Details of the status can be found in [1].

TIFF Update

  • Brad King addressed the int issues
  • Currently at
 git fetch git:// +libtiff4beta6:libtiff4beta6

Sequestered Reference Applications

We have already made significant changes, and they are not being recorded yet. It is time to setup these reference applications.


  • V3D Plugins
  • Slicer
    • 3.6 sequestered in Github
    • 4.0 to be adjusted now during the NAMIC AHM meeting.
  • VV
  • Insight Applications now submitting
    • Broken: need to use it as an example for the Migration Guide.

Development Versions following ITKv4


  • IGSTK, after SPIE'11 (IGSTK5.0)
  • Insight Applications (ITKApps from v3.20)
  • ITK tests from v3.20