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How to Join the Tcon

Number to Call

Please be patient, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the call may not start on time...

  • 1-800-728-9607 (in the US) or
  • +1 9139049873 (international)
  • access code 6815251


Project Management

June Meeting in Chapel Hill

  • Summer_ITKv4_2011_Meeting
  • Will take place on June 28-29
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • The Meeting will take place at the Franklin Hotel

Technical Topics

Review Tasks

ITK Modularization Residuals

  • Check the TODO list file


Monolithic Dashboard

Modular Dashboard

Comments from Lorensen: Unfortunately, I am on travel today and cannot attend the t-con. My initial impression of the itk modular dashboard is that is not in a form that is usable for ITK at this time. The navigation is cumbersome and it is difficult to use on a day-to-day basis. I hope we can have more discussion about this. My recommendation is try it out for a week, evaluate the usability and identify the missing features. Then, revert all submissions to the non-modular dashboard and wait for a new cdash release.

OPENJPEG Dashboard

Valgrind Errors

  • Related to the new itkTestDriver

FastMarching Refactoring

  • Backward Compatibility
    • Should we move v3 classes into Deprecated?
    • Should we fix everything that currently depends on FastMarching? (Although, we are in the process of refactoring the level sets)
  • Preferred class name?

Refactoring Workflow

  • Right now
    • code is developed on other remote
    • once the code is mature, we submit to gerrit
    • lost history
    • refactoring may appear as single commit from one person (not team spirit oriented)
  • Any other solution?



ITKv4 A06

ITKv4 A07

  • Let's tag now
  • The changes after modularization are enormous and we don't have a tag that marks the repository past the events
  • Many other changes are getting into the repository, and the diff between A07 and A06 is not longer: just modularization.

Teaching ITK

  • ITK Boot Camp : Houston : September 2011
  • ITK in image processing course : Houston : Fall 2011
  • ITK in biomedical imaging course : Houston : Spring 2012

Open Science Training

  • Reproducible Research Training Camp : TBD
  • Open Sourcing your Lab Training Camp : TBD

Image Interpretation Layer

Database Interface


  • Tcon at 11am EST, Friday (today after the ITK tcon)
 Toll-Free #:      1-800-704-9804 
 International #:  1-404-920-6604
 Participant Code: 61466276

Gerrit Reviews

Orfeo Toolbox Integration

  • Had tcon with the OTB team
  • Discussed registration of ImageIO factories in OTB
  • Reviewed the patch for supporting images of std::complex
  • Need to schedule call with Microscopy, Video and Remote Sensing groups to design a common "image interpretation layer"



ITK FEM Modifications


  • scripts
    • scripts to add the module for each class in the doxygen documentation?
    • scripts to add (automatically) links to wiki example in the doxygen documentation?
    • scripts to add examples/tests to doxygen documentation (for each class, whenever it is relevant)?