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How to Join the Tcon

Number to Call

Please be patient, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the call may not start on time...

  • 1-800-728-9607 (in the US) or
  • +1 9139049873 (international)
  • access code 6815251


Project Management

June Meeting in Chapel Hill

  • Summer_ITKv4_2011_Meeting
  • Will take place on June 27-29
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • The Meeting will take place at the Franklin Hotel
  • Registration form will send to you by email.


  • What will make it to the Beta Release ?

Technical Topics

Review Tasks


Monolithic Dashboard

Modular Dashboard

NOTE: The Dashboard database has been moved to a separate machine (not the virtual cluster yet), this has improved the response time. Please give it a try. It should improve further when the virtual cluster is installed.

OPENJPEG Dashboard

Valgrind Errors

  • 2,000 in one Machine ?
  • 0 in another ?

Refactoring Workflow

  • Right now
    • code is developed on other remote
    • once the code is mature, we submit to gerrit
    • lost history
    • refactoring may appear as single commit from one person (not team spirit oriented)
  • Any other solution?


Teaching ITK

Gerrit Reviews

Orfeo Toolbox Integration

  • Had tcon with the OTB team
  • Discussed registration of ImageIO factories in OTB
  • Reviewed the patch for supporting images of std::complex
  • Need to schedule call with Microscopy, Video and Remote Sensing groups to design a common "image interpretation layer"




  • scripts
    • scripts to add examples/tests to doxygen documentation (for each class, whenever it is relevant)?