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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Hans Johnson
  • Jim Miller
  • Dan Dlezek
  • Xiaoxiao Liu
  • Luis Ibanez

Project Topics

Technical Topics

  • Dashboard issues
    • Semaphore
    • ImageDuplicator
    • "rt" library needed in Sun
  • Proposal for removing Cygwin support
    • Once cygwin becomes POSIX compliant again, we will restore support for it (it should actually just work).
  • Modularization
    • Address the use of EXPORT in the modules.
      • may need to make changes on the monolithic ITK.
  • How to manage the git transition to the modular version.'
    • Check with Brad King.

Action Items

  • Luis: to look at ImageDuplicator
  • Luis: to look at Gerrit backlog
  • Brad K.: to suggest a plan for modularization transition in Git, and carry over Gerrit backlog