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= Title =
= Title =
* Tutorial: T-4: Use of ITKv4 (and VTK) in biological imaging
* [http://www.biomedicalimaging.org/index.php/programme/tutorials/16-tutorials/87-tutorial-03 Tutorial: T-4: Use of ITKv4 (and VTK) in biological imaging]
= Time and Place =
= Time and Place =

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Event - ISBI 2012

This tutorial will be presented at the ISBI 2012 conference in Barcelona, Spain


Time and Place

The tutorial will take place

  • Wednesday May 2nd
  • 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • Room 127

See here the Conference Program

Full details in the following link:


This tutorial will introduce attendees to the new features of ITKv4, including among others:

  • The modularization of the toolkit
  • The new frameworks for
    • Statistics
    • Image registration
    • Level sets
  • The refactored FEM framework
  • The new support for video processing and
  • The new simplified layer 'SimpleITK'.

The tutorial will follow a hands-on format, in which the attendees will receive USB memory sticks with a fully configured Virtual Machine containing an installation of ITKv4, OpenCV, VXL and their respective bridges. Hands on exercises will include a familiarization with the new process by which contributions can be brought back into the toolkit.