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= New Instructions =
#REDIRECT [[ITK/Release_4/Coding_Style/KWStyle]]
'''WARNING:''' This instructions have been deprecated with ITKv4.
For new Instructions, please look at
* [[ITK_Release_4/Coding Style/KWStyle|ITKv4 KStyle]]
= <font color=red>  The following are *Old Instructions* </font> =
<font color=grey>
= Get KWStyle =
* The Home Page of KWStyle is at http://public.kitware.com/KWStyle/
== Downloading KWStyle ==
* Download KWStyle:
cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@www.itk.org:/cvsroot/KWStyle login
cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@www.itk.org:/cvsroot/KWStyle co KWStyle
== Building KWStyle ==
* Configure with CMake
* Build with your compiler
= Configure your ITK Build =
* Rerun CMake on you ITK Binary builds
== Point to your KWStyle executable ==
* Provide the path to your KWStyle executable
== Select error format ==
* The options are
** Formatting for VIM (the best editor)
** Formatting for Visual Studio (if you are a Windows victim)
= Running KWStyle =
== From the command line ==
Use the following command
  KWStyle -v  -xml  ITK_BINARY_DIR/ITK.kws.xml  -o ITK_SOURCE_DIR/Utilities/KWStyle/ITKOverwrite.txt  filename
* -v : stands for Verbose
* -xml : is the file containing the description of the coding style in XML
* -o : is the file that contains exceptions to the kwstyle rules
* ITK_BINARY_DIR : should be replaced with the path to the binary directory where you build ITK
* ITK_SOURCE_DIR : should be replaced with the path to the source irectory of ITK
* filename : is the name of the file for which you are currently checking coding style

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