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* http://openwiki.janelia.org/wiki/display/v3dhackathon
* http://openwiki.janelia.org/wiki/display/v3dhackathon

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Events Related to ITKv4 Microscopy Initiatives


Upcoming Events

MICCAI 2010: Microscopy Tutorial



This tutorial will introduce the recent development and techniques of 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D microscopic image analysis and visualization, with a central theme of the newly emerging field of bioimage informatics. We will discuss new and exciting challenges in 2D/3D/4D/5D biological and microscopic image computing, as well as large-scale (gigabyte-size image) visualization and interaction, - with a focus on microscopy images but can be generally useful for other large biomedical images. We are also going to give a relatively detailed tutorial (and demonstration) on how to use some of the most advanced & powerful 3D/4D/5D image visualization assisted tools for quantitative analysis.

Ongoing Events

Hackathon at HHMI: V3D-ITK Plugins


Previous Events

Microscopy Workshop at NAMIC Project Week

Microscopy Projects

Microscopy Breakout Session