ITK Release 4/SimpleITK/Tcon 2012 16 02

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Tcon Information

  Please join the following teleconference line:
      Toll-Free #:      1-888-677-0429
      Participant Code: 96280
  Wednesday, May 16nd, 9:30am Eastern Time


  • Bradley Lowekamp
  • Dan Blezek


Daily Details

  • The Stage Repository
  SIMPLEITK-224_AddVectorSupportGetBuffer | master=0 next=0
SIMPLEITK-74_AutomaticallyComputeTimeStep | master=0 next=1
         SIMPLEITK-1_AddImageRegistration | master=0 next=0
            SIMPLEITK-292_AddImageSources | master=0 next=1
                               UpdateData | master=0 next=1
       SIMPLEITK-226_Multiple_Image_Input | master=0 next=0
 SIMPLEITK-AddNumpySupportForVectorImages | master=0 next=0
      SIMPLEITK-226_Multiple_Image_Inputs | master=0 next=1
    SIMPLEITK-292_AddBinaryReconstruction | master=0 next=1
      SIMPLEITK-279_AddComposeImageFilter | master=0 next=1
         SIMPLEITK-264_AddTransformations | master=0 next=0
     SIMPLEITK-211_AddingWatershedFilters | master=0 next=0

New Issues

Working on Multi-Input Filters

  • Completed and in next

Update On Transformations for Registration

  • Dan?

Gradient ImageFilter

  • I have a modified ITK, which enable GradientImageFilter to work with VectorImages
  • Getting GradientRecursiveGaussian working is going to be more complicated

PyBuffer Issues

  • Support for old python buffer interface?
    • With numpy 1.5 it appears that we are unable to get a PEP 3118 Buffer interface


Valgrind failures

  • Both Valgrind and VS10 debug are reporting failures on the same test.
  • Real bug here must be addressed.

Shared libraries on Windows

  • Need to add the ITK library directory to the PATH environmental variable to correctly load dlls.

User Requested Features

  • A couple of post on the users list related to better support for VectorImages or 4D images. Reading, accessing buffer and pixel and converting to numpy.
  • A users wanting to use the edge potential image filter, there is not way to create gradient image. Nor compose scalar images into a vector image.

Priorities for next release

  • Registration
  • C++ installation
  • Splitting Wrapping directory into languages
  • Splitting BasicFilters Library
  • improved vector image support


  • Discuss long term goals and milestones.
  • Documentations
  • Registration is very important