ITK Release 4/SimpleITK/Tcon 2012 1 18

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Tcon Information

Phone Line:

  Please join the following teleconference line:
      Toll-Free #:      1-800-704-9804 
      International #:  1-404-920-6604
      Participant Code: 61466276
  Wednesday, January 18th, 9:30am Eastern Time


  • Bradly Lowekamp
  • Matt McCormick
  • Dan Blezek


Daily Details

  • The Stage Repository

Other Open Topics

  • C++ installation
  • Open Issues from Tutorial?


  • Discuss long term goals and milestones.
  • Documentations
  • Automate Script to List filters wrapped
    • This script should take as input a list of ITK Modules or Directories, for each modual determine which filters are implemented in SimpleITK
    • Additional input would include filter/files to exclude
    • Output could be a dox file, so that it could be a doxygen related page
  • Registration is very important

Action Items