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Tcon Information

NEW Phone Line:

  Please join the following teleconference line:
      Toll-Free #:      1-888-677-0429
      Participant Code: 96280
  Wednesday, February 1st, 9:30am Eastern Time


  • Bradly Lowekamp
  • Dan Blezek
  • Wes Turner
  • Brandon Whitcher
  • Brian Avants


Special Topic R Wrapping

Users Current Usage and Impressions

  • Use ITK for Registration and Segmentation
  • Loading Time Series from FMRI
    • loading in a vector image is ok, or a series of images

Current Problems

  • There are no dashboard machines contributing R builds
  • R Packaging does not work with Latest requiring documentation fields
  • Automatic Testing is currently not working
  • Generated tests are out of date
  • SWIG support for R is primitive
  • Does R support Objects with methods?
    • Should we only expose the procedural methods?
    • S3 S4 Level objets?
  • R does not appear to have namespaces. Should methods and object be prefixed with sitk?
    • R now requires packages in namespaces
    • name spaces have been available for a while

Features Needs for Native Feel

  • Packaging
  • Documentation
  • Support for conversion to native arrays
  • Use native arrays instead of wrapped std::vectors
  • print, show methods

Organization and Planning

  • JIRA is needed to communicate what people are working on and issues being address.
    • Create R Label
  • Need to improve documentation for new developers and add setup script for development environment
  • One suggested approach
    • Separate the building of the SimpelITK and the Wrapping of the interface
    • May be possible to do the wrapping the the cran style, and just depend on SimpleITK library

Daily Details

  • The Stage Repository
       SIMPLEITK-236_LinkProceduralDoxygen | master=0 next=1
       SIMPLEITK-255_AddLabelVotingFilters | master=0 next=1
   SIMPLEITK-224_AddVectorSupportGetBuffer | master=0 next=0
SIMPLEITK-208_AddingCCFiltersNeedITKUpdate | master=0 next=1
            SIMPLEITK-98_add_install_rules | master=0 next=0
                   SIMPLEITK-234_UpdateITK | master=0 next=1
                           AddLabelOverlay | master=0 next=0
      SIMPLEITK-211_AddingWatershedFilters | master=0 next=0
                         FixCSharpExamples | master=0 next=1
                                UpdateData | master=0 next=1

Outstanding Test Failures

  • Voting Binary - patch for ITK in gerrit
  • CSharp.ExampleSimpleGaussian - now compiling and running, needs a base line image
  • BasicFilters.ThresholdMaximumCC - Failing due to horrible programming practices in test template, needs revision and cleanup
  • VectorConnectedComponent - Failing due to numeric tolerances, need a more tolerant input image

Other Open Topics

  • Wiki and Doxygen pages should be review for release.
  • Release delayed until ITK 4.1rc1 is tagged
  • Adding support for import and export vector images to numpy
  • Registration
    • to be major new feature to work on in Febuary
  • C++ installation


  • Discuss long term goals and milestones.
  • Documentations
  • Automate Script to List filters wrapped
    • This script should take as input a list of ITK Modules or Directories, for each modual determine which filters are implemented in SimpleITK
    • Additional input would include filter/files to exclude
    • Output could be a dox file, so that it could be a doxygen related page
  • Registration is very important

Action Items