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[[ITK_Release_4/Users Migration Guide Proposal|Users Migration Guide Proposal]]
[[ITK_Release_4/Users Migration Guide Proposal|Users Migration Guide Proposal]]

[[ITK_Release_4/Users Migration Guide Installation|Users Migration Guide Installation]]

= Migration Guide Pages =
= Migration Guide Pages =

* http://ij.itk.org/itkfaq/
* [http://itk.org/migrationv4/ The Migration Guide]
= Install the application =
The Migration guide is based on the open source solution phpMyFaq http://www.phpmyfaq.de
'''1 - Get the source code'''
The source code is available on the kitware's internal Gitorious
'''2 - Install PhpMyFaq'''
*Install Apache and Mysql
*Copy the source code in you web directory.
*Using your browse, go to  http://localhost/itk-migrationfaq/install and follow the instructions
*Run the SQL script located in itk-migrationfaq\sql
'''3 - Configure '''
Go to the administration part and create a category. The automatic posts will be posted in this category
= Post a change =
The ITK Faq has an API which allows you to automatically add a migration post using an XML File. The XML file should be linked to a change and should be hosted by Gerrit.
This file contains all the information of the change: title, description, files...
Here is an example:
Here are the steps to automatically create a post:
*Get the URL of the xml file (which should be zipped). On the Gerrit page (used as an example), there is a download link.
*Choose a FAQ category. You can use its ID or its name.
*Trigger the creation of the post by going to this URL using your parameters:

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