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What ITKv4 Developers Need to Do

Users Migration Guide Proposal

Users Migration Guide Proposal

Migration Guide Pages

Install the application

The Migration guide is based on the open source solution phpMyFaq

1 - Get the source code The source code is available on the kitware's internal Gitorious

2 - Install PhpMyFaq

  • Install Apache and Mysql
  • Copy the source code in you web directory.
  • Using your browse, go to http://localhost/itk-migrationfaq/install and follow the instructions
  • Run the SQL script located in itk-migrationfaq\sql

3 - Configure Go to the administration part and create a category. The automatic posts will be posted in this category

Post a change

The ITK Faq has an API which allows you to automatically add a migration post using an XML File. The XML file should be linked to a change and should be hosted by Gerrit.

This file contains all the information of the change: title, description, files... Here is an example:

Here are the steps to automatically create a post:

  • Get the URL of the xml file (which should be zipped). On the Gerrit page (used as an example), there is a download link.
  • Choose a FAQ category. You can use its ID or its name.
  • Trigger the creation of the post by going to this URL using your parameters:


Post errors

The API accepts CDASH files. You can post these files to attach errors to a post.

To submit the file, send it using the Put method to the url: http://thefaqwebsite/itk-migrationfaq/itkfaq/api.php?action=addItkErrors&key=SECURITY_KEY&change=MIGRATION_ID