ITK Release 5/Wish List

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The wish list is provided by members of the ITK development community. These requests will not necessarily be included in ITKv5.

Image IO

  • Replacing current integer pixel IO types defined in itk::ImageIOBase by fixed width integer types
    • unsigned char -> uint8_t
    • char -> int8_t
    • unsigned short -> uint16_t
    • short -> int16_t
    • unsigned int -> uint32_t
    • int -> int32_t
    • unsigned long -> uint64_t
    • long -> int64_t
  • Currently, the size of each type may vary from one platform to another.
  • This is especially try for 'long' that is 32 bits on Windows/Visual Studio C++ 2013 (64 bits) but 64 bits on 64 bits Unix systems.
  • Files saved on one platform should be read the same on a different platform.
  • This would avoid having to compare `sizeof(mytype)` to know what type to use on a specific platform.
  • This issue was raised in this patch suggestion

C++11 throughout

As ITK uses templates heavily, it would greatly benefit from usage of few C++11 goodies, especially auto and decltype.


Replace VNL by Eigen, which is much more modern.