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Editing Help

In addition to the guidelines provided in the MediaWiki General Editing page, the following rules are suggested:

Page Name

  • Prefix a page name with the kwGrid: namespace (lowercase kw). Namespaces allow separation of different kinds of unrelated content within the same Wiki (i.e. isolate projects like VTK, CMake, ITK, kwGrid). Namespaces also provide facilities to limit searches to a particular area and allow easy exporting of a selection of work.
  • Use spaces at will. For example, use kwGrid:My Own Hardware over kwGrid:MyOwnHardware.
  • Use slashes (/) to provide additional structure and depth. For example, the kwGrid:Partners page link to pages describing each partner one by one: use kwGrid:Partners/Argonne National Lab over kwGrid:Partners Argonne National Lab, as it emphasizes that this page is a "sub-page" of kwGrid:Partners and mimics the traditional web structure.

Page Content

  • Terminate a page with a call to the kwGrid:Footer template. This automatically adds a footer to the page. This template is used to provide extra navigational links and associate the page to specific searchable categories.



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