Minutes 032406

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  • Jim Miller
  • Lydia Ng
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Amy Squillacote
  • Luis Ibanez


  • Concept Checking
    • Vector/Scalar pixel types
    • Borland compiler seems to work
  • MetaImage
    • Does Backward compatibility apply to Utilities ?
    • Asymmetrical decision between ITK and VTK
    • Jim suggests to enumerate the use cases of Meta when used outside ITK API
  • Writing DICOM series from non-DICOM source
    • Use ITK standard MetaData tags ?
    • Use virtual methods in the ImageIO ?
    • Expand the set of tags to the MetaDataDictionary ?
    • Move the METADATA tags from Analyze into a centralized place ?

Action Items:

  • Writing DICOM series from non-DICOM source
    • Try first to communicate using ITK tags through the MetaDataDictionary (Luis)
    • Use form Code/IO/itkIOCommon.cxx the tags
      • ITK_Origin
      • ITK_CoordinateOrientation
      • ITK_Spacing (add this one)