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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Lydia Ng
  • Stephen Aylward
  • Amy Henderson
  • Hans Johnson
  • Luis Ibanez


  • Concept Checking
  • Copyright issues and Insight Journal contributions
  • DICOM image series writer
    • Define a priority for ImageIO classes to interpret the dictionary
  • Have we have backward compatibility issues with 2.6 ?
    • Any user complains ?
    • Bug of user writing VTK file with ITK 2.6, that can not be read with VTK.

Action Item

  • Luis will create the Wiki page for release 2.8
  • Luis will create the table for reviews of new papers from the Insight Journal
  • Bill L. will make a Wiki Proposal regarding the label images.
  • Stephen will check with Will on how to manage copyrights
  • Luis will add details to the DICOM series proposal Wiki page
  • Jim will create a Wiki page proposal for the filter to use for correcting Gradients of Oriented images.
  • Luis will check the VTK writing bug.