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From ITK

  • Hans Johnson
  • Nick Tustison
  • Kent Williams
  • Stephen Aylward
  • Ox (??)
  • Hominim (??)
  • Julien Jomier
  • Luis Ibanez

From Linden Labs

  • Liana Linden


Second Life

  • Liana Linden (from Linden Labs) was very helpful on guiding ITK developers on the process.
    • Thanks !
  • Testing the ITK Tcon 2.0 site in Second Life.
    • Tested the Boxes web portals to the
      • Wiki
      • Dashboard
      • ViewCVS
    • Passed around ITK & CMake T-Shirts
    • Tested passing URL links in the chat window
    • Attendees joined the "Insight Toolkit" group.

Technical Topics

  • Next version of ITK will be "3.10"
  • Statistics Refactoring will be incorporated in "ITK 4.0"
  • Hans will explore the conversion of the itk::Image to the behavior of the itk::OrientedImage.


ITK-Tcon-2008-08-22 001 40.jpg

ITK-Tcon-2008-08-22 002 40.jpg

ITK-Tcon-2008-08-22 003 40.jpg