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This is a general collection of knowledge to help make developing for ParaView easier.

VTK Development

Server Manager Development

XML Hints

Qt Development


Because of the testing framework we are unable to safely use processEvents. The testing framework has a busy lock it uses to determine when it should play the next testing event. If that busy lock is running when your code calls processEvents it will cause the tests to start playing, which will break the test. The solution is dependent on where you need to call processEvents.

 pqEventDispatcher::processEvents(); //only in Widgets since widgets can't depend on core

Both methods support the QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlags flags argument. For more information on processEvents please see the Qt Documentation


A great way to track down VTK classes that are leaking is using DebugLeaksView. The widget is designed to work out of the box with any VTK+Qt application- just construct the widget and call show(). More information can be found on the DebugLeaksView page

Debug leaks widget 1.png

Environment Flags


Change the location of the data root for testing.


Prints debugging information about the testing framework during playback to cout.


Force render windows to be 400x400 instead of fullscreen


Disable the use of offsceen screenshots


Prints debugging information when loading plugins into ParaView.


Directories containing plugins to be loaded on startup


Force software rendering for ParaView.


Disables the use of the vtkTransmit<Type>Piece classes and instead uses vtkExtract<Type>Piece


Qt flag to force the Qt menu bar rather than the native mac menu bar.