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The Python Calculator is a ParaView filter that processes one or more input arrays based on an expression provided by the user to produce a new output array. The parameters of the filter include the expression, the association of the output array (Point or Cell Data), the name of output array and a toggle that controls whether the input arrays are copied to the output. In this document, we introduce the use of the Python Calculator and provide a list of functions available to the user.

Note that the Python Calculator depends on Python and NumPy. All ParaView binaries distributed by Kitware are built with these to enable the calculator. If you have built ParaView yourself, you have to make sure that NumPy is installed and that PARAVIEW_ENABLE_PYTHON is turned on when configuring the ParaView build.

Basic Tutorial

Accessing Data

Basic Operations

- details about the expected output here - splitting arrays - merging arrays - constants - point to numpy documentation

Comparing Multiple Datasets


- point the numpy documentation