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== ParaView User's Guide (v3.10) ==
=== How to unleash the beast! ===
;[[Users Guide Introduction|Introduction]] (Dave D.)
:Basic introduction to main window and inspector
:Overview of pipeline concept
:save state/trace
:ClientServer computing/large data vis/parallel
;[[Loading Data|Loading Data]] (Dave P.)
:Open file
:file browser, file series and patterns, grouping in file browser, opening a single time step or a collection of timesteps
:file formats
;Understanding Data (Berk)
:[[ParaView/Users Guide/VTK Data Model| VTK Data Model]]
:[[ParaView/Users Guide/Information Panel|Information Panel]]
:[[ParaView/Users_Guide/Statistics_Inspector|Statistics Inspector]]
;[[ParaView/Displaying Data|Displaying Data]] (Utkarsh)
:View Types/Representation: Talk of all the views
:lookup tables/scalar ranges
;[[ParaView/UsersGuide/Filtering Data|Filtering Data]] (Dave D)
:Overview of how to apply filters
:* multiple input/output
:* change input
:* why are filters disabled
:List of filters in categories: a higher level classification of filters based on their functionality and then refer them to the details given later.
:filters changing data types
:3D widgets -- how they affect parameters and active view etc.
:custom filters
;Quantative Analysis (Berk + Utkarsh)
:[[ParaView/Users_Guide/Python_Programmable_Filter|Python Programmable Filter]]
:[[ParaView/Users Guide/Python Calculator|Python Calculator]]
:spreadsheet view in details (just introduce it in the views section)
;Saving Data (Rob M)
:Save raw data
:Save screenshots
:Save movies
:Save geometries
:[[Exporting_Scenes | Export VRML/X3D]]
;[[Users Guide Widgets | 3D Widgets]] (Dave D)
: Different widgets and shortcuts etc.
;[[Users Guide Annotation| Annotation]] (Dave D)
:time annotation
:scalar bar
:text annotation
:cube axes
;Animation (Utkarsh)
:key frame
:play modes
:[[Animating legacy VTK file series]]
:[[Disconnecting from server while still saving an animation|Unattended saving of animation]]
:[[Animation View]]
:[[Animating the Camera]]
;Comparative Vis (Berk)
:[[Parameter_Study | Panel/view]]
;[[Users Guide Client-Server Visualization|Client-Server Visualization]] (Dave D)
:server setup
:configuration files
:parallel rendering/processing
:parallel settings
;Large Displays (Utkarsh)
:tile displays
;Python (Rob M.)
:[[Python_Scripting | Python Scripting]]
:[[Python_GUI_Tools | Tools for Python Scripting]]
;In-Situ (Andy)
: [[CoProcessing]]
;Loading Plugins (Rob M.)
:[[Plugin_HowTo | loading plugins/plugin manager]]
:Details about different default plugins and how to use them etc.
:Client-server and plugins
:[[ParaView:Build_And_Install | building/compile/install]] (Dave P)
:[[ParaViewUsersGuide/List of readers]] (Seb J.)
:[[ParaViewUsersGuide/List of writers]] (Seb J.)
:[[ParaViewUsersGuide/List of filters]] (Seb J.)
:[[ParaViewUsersGuide/Command line arguments]] (Seb J.)
;Getting Data into ParaView (maybe a separate book)
:[[Writing ParaView Readers | details about writing parallel vtk readers]]

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