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This document describes ParaViewWeb framework introduced with ParaView 4.0. For earlier version, try this revision.

ParaViewWeb is a collection of components that enables the use of ParaView's visualization and data analysis capabilities within Web applications.

Using the latest HTML 5.0 based technologies, such as WebSocket, and WebGL, ParaViewWeb enables communiation with a ParaView server runnning on a remote visualization node or cluster using a light-weight JavaScript API. Using this API, Web applications can easily embed interactive 3D visualization components. Application developers can write simple Python scripts to extend the server capabilities including creating custom visualization pipelines.

ParaViewWeb makes it possible to extend web-based scientific workflows with ability to visualizate and analyze datasets easily.

More samples and tutorials are forthcoming. In the mean time, one can access the JavaScript and Python API documentation on ParaView website.

Getting Started

Please refer to the online generated ParaViewWeb documentation or the getting started guide