Proposals:Dropping Support for Visual Studio 6.0

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It has been suggested that ITK should drop support of the Visual Studio 6.0 compiler.

Real world issues

Visual Studio 6 is the most recurrent compiler insight-developers have to cope with:


  • Lack of support for template partial specialization
  • The compiler is about 10 years old
  • It is out the market (Microsoft doesn't sell it anymore)

User's Opinions

Please add your opinions here:

In Favor of Dropping Support

  • Hans Johnson: My vote has stayed the same for many years now. I think that the need to support partial specialization is critical for future of ITK. Dropping support for VS6 will allow us to move the toolkit forward.
  • Alex. Gouaillard
  • Gert Wollny (I filed the bug report)
  • Brian Gee Chacko
  • Mathieu Malaterre: ITK community should focus on writing algorithm, and not on supporting broken compiler (VS7.1, VS 2005 & VS 2008 are even free of charge).
  • Tom Vercauteren
  • Rashindra Manniesing
  • David Witten
  • Marcel Koek
  • Marius Staring

Against Dropping Support