Proposals:GPU Integration

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The Opportunity

GPUs offer the opportunity for accelerating the execution of certain ITK filters.


In collaboration with [Interactive Supercomputing] we are looking into the possibility of adding GPU acceleration to particular algorithms in ITK.

The Methodology

The methodology suggested so far, is to take advantage of the Factory mechanism built-in ITK to create specialized versions of specific image filter. These specialized versions will take advantage of a GPU-based implementation.

Since the acceleration requires to hand-craft the code, this will only be implemented for a few selected algorithms that are considered to be critical for the benefit of the ITK community.



We are looking for your feedback to define the list of algorithms that are good candidates for GPU acceleration.

Please add here the types of applications that you would consider to be good candidates for creating GPU-based specialized implementations.

  • Deformable registration
  • Level Sets
  • Hessian-based vessel enhancement (ie. Hessian Recursive Gaussian and Hessian 3D To Vesselness Measure)