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You may know that WrapITK has greatly enhanced the filter coverage, compared to what was previously available in tcl, java and python. Currently, 66% of the filters in ITK are usable in WrapITK. In the future, the goal is to reach 100% of filter coverage. This is a quite difficult task for a single person, because it requires a quite good knowledge of the whole ITK, to be able to select, for all the classes, the relevant template parameters to instantiate. I made my best to complete this task, but obviously, I can't go further, because I'm not able to make a decision on the remaining non wrapped filters.

I think that the weekly tcon can be a great place to select the template parameters needed to instantiate the missing filters in WrapITK. For many of the filters, I'm quite sure the right template parameters to use are obvious for many of us, and that they only need to be collected. With those data, I would be able to implement the wrappers and to add them in WrapITK. Also, some of the filters may not be of direct interest for the user, because they are intended to be used only internally in some other code, or because they can only be used as a superclass (like UnaryFunctorImageFilter). In that case, they should be added in the excluded filters list for the filter coverage.

A good goal, for the next release, would be to cover 80% of ITK's filter, which means 51 new filters added in WrapITK or in the excluded filters list. 51 filters may look like a big number of classes (and it is, for the final python/tcl/java user), but many of the remaining filters seems similar, so it should be easy to choose the template parameters for a group of filters, instead of processing them one by one.

Also, note that adding new stuff in WrapITK would not only benefit to WrapITK users: because building a class in WrapITK builds every methods in that class, we have found many bugs in ITK code during the addition of new classes in WrapITK in the past. It is likely that we would uncover a few more bugs by adding new classes, bugs which won't be found by final users.

List of Unwrapped Filters

  • BSplineScatteredDataPointSetToImageFilter
  • BalloonForceFilter
  • BayesianClassifierImageFilter
  • BayesianClassifierInitializationImageFilter
  • BinaryMaskToNarrowBandPointSetFilter
  • BloxBoundaryPointImageToBloxBoundaryProfileImageFilter
  • BloxBoundaryPointToCoreAtomImageFilter
  • BloxBoundaryProfileImageToBloxCoreAtomImageFilter
  • ChainCodeToFourierSeriesPathFilter
  • ConformalFlatteningMeshFilter
  • ConnectedRegionsMeshFilter
  • ContourExtractor2DImageFilter
  • CurvatureRegistrationFilter
  • DeformableMesh3DFilter
  • DeformableSimplexMesh3DBalloonForceFilter
  • DeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter
  • DeformableSimplexMesh3DGradientConstraintForceFilter
  • DeformationFieldJacobianDeterminantFilter
  • DiffeomorphicDemonsRegistrationFilter
  • DifferenceOfGaussiansGradientImageFilter
  • DiffusionTensor3DReconstructionImageFilter
  • DisplacementFieldJacobianDeterminantFilter
  • EigenAnalysis2DImageFilter
  • ExponentialDeformationFieldImageFilter
  • ExtensionVelocitiesImageFilter
  • ExtractOrthogonalSwath2DImageFilter
  • FEMRegistrationFilter
  • FFTComplexToComplexImageFilter
  • FFTWComplexToComplexImageFilter
  • FastMarchingExtensionImageFilter
  • FastMarchingUpwindGradientImageFilter
  • FastSymmetricForcesDemonsRegistrationFilter
  • FiniteDifferenceSparseImageFilter
  • GetAverageSliceImageFilter
  • GradientImageToBloxBoundaryPointImageFilter
  • GradientVectorFlowImageFilter
  • GridForwardWarpImageFilter
  • HardConnectedComponentImageFilter
  • HistogramToEntropyImageFilter
  • HistogramToImageFilter
  • HistogramToIntensityImageFilter
  • HistogramToLogProbabilityImageFilter
  • HistogramToProbabilityImageFilter
  • HoughTransform2DCirclesImageFilter
  • HoughTransform2DLinesImageFilter
  • ImageAndPathToImageFilter
  • ImageToMeshFilter
  • ImageToParametricSpaceFilter
  • ImageToPathFilter
  • ImageToVectorImageFilter
  • ImplicitManifoldNormalVectorFilter
  • InteriorExteriorMeshFilter
  • InterpolateImagePointsFilter
  • InverseDeformationFieldImageFilter
  • IsoContourDistanceImageFilter
  • IterativeInverseDeformationFieldImageFilter
  • JoinImageFilter
  • KLMRegionGrowImageFilter
  • ListSampleToHistogramFilter
  • MRFImageFilter
  • MRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilter
  • MagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter
  • MaskNeighborhoodOperatorImageFilter
  • MaskedMovingHistogramImageFilter
  • MatrixIndexSelectionImageFilter
  • MeshToMeshFilter
  • NarrowBandCurvesLevelSetImageFilter
  • NeighborhoodOperatorImageFilter
  • NormalizedCorrelationImageFilter
  • OrthogonalSwath2DPathFilter
  • ParametricSpaceToImageSpaceMeshFilter
  • PathAndImageToPathFilter
  • PathToChainCodePathFilter
  • PathToImageFilter
  • PathToPathFilter
  • PointSetToImageFilter
  • PolylineMask2DImageFilter
  • PolylineMaskImageFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshCleanFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshDecimationFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshDelaunayConformingFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshEdgeMergeDecimationFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshNormalFilter
  • QuadEdgeMeshToQuadEdgeMeshFilter
  • RGBGibbsPriorFilter
  • RealAndImaginaryToComplexImageFilter
  • ReinitializeLevelSetImageFilter
  • SampleMeanShiftBlurringFilter
  • SampleMeanShiftClusteringFilter
  • SampleSelectiveMeanShiftBlurringFilter
  • SampleToHistogramProjectionFilter
  • ScalarImageKmeansImageFilter
  • ScalarToArrayCastImageFilter
  • SimpleFuzzyConnectednessRGBImageFilter
  • SimpleFuzzyConnectednessScalarImageFilter
  • SimplexMeshAdaptTopologyFilter
  • SimplexMeshToTriangleMeshFilter
  • SpatialFunctionImageEvaluatorFilter
  • SpatialObjectToPointSetFilter
  • SymmetricEigenAnalysisImageFilter
  • TensorFractionalAnisotropyImageFilter
  • TensorRelativeAnisotropyImageFilter
  • TransformMeshFilter
  • TriangleMeshToBinaryImageFilter
  • TriangleMeshToSimplexMeshFilter
  • UnsharpMaskLevelSetImageFilter
  • VectorConfidenceConnectedImageFilter
  • VectorConnectedComponentImageFilter
  • VectorCurvatureAnisotropicDiffusionImageFilter
  • VectorExpandImageFilter
  • VectorFuzzyConnectednessImageFilter
  • VectorGradientAnisotropicDiffusionImageFilter
  • VectorGradientMagnitudeImageFilter
  • VectorNeighborhoodOperatorImageFilter
  • VectorResampleImageFilter
  • VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter
  • VectorThresholdSegmentationLevelSetImageFilter
  • VoronoiPartitioningImageFilter
  • VoronoiSegmentationRGBImageFilter
  • WarpJacobianDeterminantFilter
  • WarpMeshFilter
  • WarpVectorImageFilter
  • WrapPadImageFilter

List of Filters with Template Parameters Waiting to be Wrapped

  • ComposeRGBAImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
    • ComposeRGBAImageFilter< Image<ScalarPixelType, Dimension>, Image<RGBAPixel, Dimension> >
    • See ComposeRGBImageFilter, need to add WRAP_ITK_RGBA to WrapBasicTypes.cmake

  IF(WRAP_rgba_unsigned_char AND WRAP_unsigned_char)
  ENDIF(WRAP_rgba_unsigned_char AND WRAP_unsigned_char)
  IF(WRAP_rgba_unsigned_short AND WRAP_unsigned_short)
  ENDIF(WRAP_rgba_unsigned_short AND WRAP_unsigned_short)

  • HessianRecursiveGaussianImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
    • Hessian3DToVesselnessMeasureImageFilter< Image<ScalarPixelType, Dimension> >
    • Use the default for TOutputImage


  • Hessian3DToVesselnessMeasureImageFilter< TPixel >
    • Hessian3DToVesselnessMeasureImageFilter< ScalarPixelType >

    WRAP_TEMPLATE("${ITKM_${t}}" "${ITKT_${t}}")

  • ZeroCrossingBasedEdgeDetectionImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
    • ZeroCrossingBasedEdgeDetectionImageFilter< Image<ScalarPixelType, Dimension>, Image<ScalarPixelType, Dimension> >