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Simple ITK


  • Provide an easy-access layer to ITK for non-C++ expert developers
  • Specific Goals

Getting Started

Doxygen Documentation

The nightly generated Doxygen is found here.

SimpleITK tutorial at MICCAI 2011


The links to the download the PDF Presentation, Virtual Image, and git repository are at the end of the page.

Issue Tracking and Release Schedule

We are currently using the Jira Issue Tracker hosted by the University of Iowa.


  • "v0.4.0b" or Beta 2
    • scheduled to be released February ? 2012 ( delayed until next ITKv4 tag )
  • Beta 1
    • Tagged 9/30 as "v0.3.0b"
  • Alpha 1
    • Tagged on 6/19 as "va01"
  • Alpha 2
    • Tagged on 8/24 as "va02"


Source Code Repository

SimpleITK uses git as the revision control system. The main repository is hosted along side ITK as [1]. It is also mirrored on Github .

Repository Procedures

Development is currently following the branchy workflow with the Kitware stage. This workflow is described here:

Additional information how how SimpleITK uses git can be found here:

Advisory Review Board (ARB)

  • The Advisory Review Board is composed of groups and individual who are potential users of the Simple ITK Layer.
  • They provide advice to ITK developers of the simple layer regarding the design and implementation of the SimpleITK API.


Must Implement ITK Filters

Examples of Other Librarires