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Code Generation

  • Use multiple input filter templates for Lua code generation


  • Bridge between sitkImage and Python and numpy arrays


  • Testing
  • Bridge between sitkImage and java image class (target ImageJ plugins)


  • Testing
  • Package generation (via cmake custom commands)
  • Bridge between sitkImage and R arrays


  • Bridge between sitkImage and C arrays
  • Bridge between sitkImage and STL containers
  • Example on using SimpleITK and ITK in the same code


  • Configuration to Install simpleITK
  • Make easier to use it from applications without CMake
  • Enable find_package(simpleITK) to be used from applications.
  • Locate SDKs for different languages (and if found, turn wrapping ON for that language)
  • Prevent the ITK API to be exposed in the SimpleITK API ( except for the bridge between sitkImage and itkImage)