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<center><span style="font-size:400%;text-align:center;color:red"> We have moved to [https://github.com/SimpleITK/SimpleITK/releases github]</span></center>
<center><span style="font-size:400%;text-align:center;color:red"> We have moved all release notes to [https://github.com/SimpleITK/SimpleITK/releases github]</span></center>
We are pleased to announce the release of SimpleITK 0.10.0!
As with all SimpleITK releases, we have a variety of binaries available. This includes fresh Python Wheels for MS Windows, GNU Linux and Apple OS X, along with Java and CSharp binaries for MS Windows. Additionally, binaries for the Python distribution Anaconda are available.
This release features major improvements to the build infrastructure, improved support for R, better downloads with pip and many new features!
Information on how to get started and download the binaries: https://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/GettingStarted#Binaries
Binary distributions for many platforms and languages are available for downloading: https://sourceforge.net/projects/simpleitk/files/SimpleITK/0.10.0/
Release Doxygen Documentation: https://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen010/html/index.html
Additional Release Notes: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/ReleaseNotes#SimpleITK_-_Version_0.10.0_Release
Key Improvements
* The R language bindings have received extensive improvements and bug fixes.
* Added Image::SetMetaData method
* Added LandmarkBasedTransformInitializer
* Added MultiLableSTAPLEImageFilter
* Show now prefers Fiji over the basic ImageJ
* Refactored Wrapping directory into separate languages (paths have changed!)
* Separated Lua, GTest, and virtualenv into SuperBuild dependencies
* Enabled each language wrapping to be an independent project dependent on the SimpleITK C++ interface and libraries.
* Many CMake build improvements to default configurations such as visibility, and link library interfaces
* Support for gcc 6.1 and compatibility with c++14
* CMake version 3.3 is now required
* Update your pip version!
* Added manylinux1 wheels (PEP 513)
* SimpleITK_PYTHON_THREADS enabled by default to better support multi-threading in Python
* No egg binary distributions, wheels fully support the standard platforms
* Python 2.7 is no longer packaged for 64-bit windows
* Avoid linking against libpython.so to improve compatibility and portability
* Lua languages bindings now compile as a loadable module
* Created Lua rockspec builder (https://github.com/SimpleITK/SimpleITKLuaRock)
* Can be used in Lua Torch
* Fix issues with the bracket operator preserving physical location
* Created script to generate R man pages
* Disabled return Self value from functions
* Create simplified R Installer (https://github.com/SimpleITK/SimpleITKRInstaller)
=SimpleITK - Version 0.9.1 Release=
We are pleased to announce the release of SimpleITK 0.9.1!
As with all SimpleITK releases, we have a variety of binaries available. This includes fresh Python Wheels and Eggs, along with Java, and CSharp binaries. Additionally, new binaries for Anaconda have been made improving the dependency requirements.
This is a patch release and includes an update to the ITK version from 4.7.2+ to 4.8.1. Additional updates include: improved formatting for python documentation, fixes to the transform interfaces, improved ImageIO exceptions and build improvements.
Information on how to get started and download the binaries: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/GettingStarted#Binaries
Binary distributions for many platforms and languages are available for downloading: https://sourceforge.net/projects/simpleitk/files/SimpleITK/0.9.1/
Release Doxygen Documentation: http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen09/html/index.html
Additional Release Notes: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/ReleaseNotes#SimpleITK_-_Version_0.9.1_Release
* db0ce5d Updating SimpleITK to 0.9.1 version for release
*  aa2c3ff Merge branch 'UpdateITKTo4.8.1' into release
| * fee435f Update ITK superbuild to 4.8.1 release
* |  6c3b4f0 Merge branch 'AddMissingJavaCMakeVariables' into release
|\ \ 
| * | cec0b39 Add missing Java variables to the language options files
|/ / 
* |  1c5f9b4 Merge branch 'UpdateITKTo4.8.1' into release
|\ \ 
| |/ 
| * c027978 Updating ITK superbuild towards v4.8.1 pending release
* aa33380 Do not pass unneeded language arguments on the command line
* 7b83998 Require libraries when a wrapping for a language is enabled
* 5b1c3b5 Regenerated the .i files
* 0399fb6 Updated space_parse with a noLeadingSpace flag
* 792c306 Fix leading space problem in doxy2swig.py
* 8754ca5 Add unsigned int specifier
* 92fee75 Adding ObjectCount measurement to ConnectedComponents filter
* 1ac4872 WIP: Adding local transform fixes
*  a389ca0 Merge branch 'SIMPLEITK-638_ImproveImageReadException' into release
| * a55f6b0 Improve exception when unable to create ImageIO
* 706b697 Merge branch 'SIMPLEITK-639_PatchRevisionDescription' into release
* fd06d0b Replace tabs with spaces.
* 13c0d41 GetGitRevisionDescription: Fix issue referencing project source
=SimpleITK - Version 0.9.0 Release=
We are pleased to announce the release of SimpleITK 0.9!
Here is a quick overview of the ITKv4's registration in SimpleITK via IPython/Jupiter notebook:
This release features the [http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen/html/classitk_1_1simple_1_1ImageRegistrationMethod.html ImageRegistrationMethod] which brings a SimpleITK style interface to the modular ITKv4 registration framework. This adds support for a variety of transforms including rigid, affine, b-spline, and deformation fields. The metrics supported include correlation, means squares, ANTS neighborhood correlation, and mutual information. A variety of optimizers are available along with scales estimators for the optimized transformation parameters and built in multi-scale registration support.
Additionally, a number of registration filters have been added: DemonsRegistrationFilter, DiffeomorphicDemonsRegistrationFilter, FastSymmetricForcesDemonsRegistrationFilter, LevelSetMotionRegistrationFilter and SymmetricForcesDemonsRegistrationFilter.
Several examples can be found in the examples directory to help you get started. These examples include Affine registration, BSpline, Demons and Displacement fields.
We have also added the following filters: AdditiveGaussianNoiseImageFilter, AggregateLabelMapFilter, BinaryImageToLabelMapFilter, ChangeLabelLabelMapFilter, CollidingFrontsImageFilter, DisplacementFieldJacobianDeterminantFilter, FastMarchingBaseImageFilter, FastMarchingUpwindGradientImageFilter, InverseDisplacementFieldImageFilter, InvertDisplacementFieldImageFilter, LabelImageToLabelMapFilter, LabelShapeStatisticsImageFilter, LabelStatisticsImageFilter, LabelUniqueLabelMapFilter, MergeLabelMapFilter, RelabelLabelMapFilter, SaltAndPepperNoiseImageFilter, ShotNoiseImageFilter, SpeckleNoiseImageFilter and TransformToDisplacementFieldFilter
Information on how to get started and download the binaries: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/GettingStarted#Binaries
Binary distributions for many platforms and languages are available for downloading: https://sourceforge.net/projects/simpleitk/files/SimpleITK/0.9rc1/
Release Doxygen Documentation: http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen09/html/index.html
Additional Release Notes: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/ReleaseNotes#SimpleITK_-_Version_0.9.0_Release
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-426 SIMPLEITK-426]] - Wrap Image registration filters
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-426 SIMPLEITK-426]] - Wrap Image registration filters
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-521 SIMPLEITK-521]] - Add initial RegistrationMethod class with basic components
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-522 SIMPLEITK-522]] - Add support for active optimizing transform.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-536 SIMPLEITK-536]] - Create Infrastructure to support testing registration
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-537 SIMPLEITK-537]] - Add support for Displacement fields
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-538 SIMPLEITK-538]] - Add support for B-Splines Transforms
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-549 SIMPLEITK-549]] - Add initial Implementation of ImageRegistrationMethodv4
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-558 SIMPLEITK-558]] - Add support for fixed and moving image masks.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-560 SIMPLEITK-560]] - Comprehensive coverage testing of the registration framework is needed.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-561 SIMPLEITK-561]] - Handle copy on write for the InitialTransform input to the ImageRegistrationMethod
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-562 SIMPLEITK-562]] - Write documentation for the transform and registration method classes.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-563 SIMPLEITK-563]] - Wrap CenteredVersorTransformInitaizalizer
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-564 SIMPLEITK-564]] - Refactor ImageRegistrationMethodv4 ivar for components
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-574 SIMPLEITK-574]] - Add ImageRegistrationMethodv4 methods to set all transforms
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-575 SIMPLEITK-575]] - Add access to the estimated optimizer scales
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-595 SIMPLEITK-595]] - Add DisplacementField specific interface
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-608 SIMPLEITK-608]] - Add Evaluate metod to the ImageRegistrationMethod
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-609 SIMPLEITK-609]] - Remove Transform&#39;s polymorphism cast/conversion
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-393 SIMPLEITK-393]] - Does not write correct type for Int8
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-525 SIMPLEITK-525]] - Enable deletion of command while an filter exists.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-526 SIMPLEITK-526]] - Fix CreateInterpolator guarder define miss match
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-565 SIMPLEITK-565]] - The filters with multiple named inputs are not being checked if the image&#39;s type and dimension match.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-582 SIMPLEITK-582]] - Unable to load certain DICOM series by seriesID
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-590 SIMPLEITK-590]] - Fix PNG sCal issue in master
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-598 SIMPLEITK-598]] - CMake BUILD_EXAMPLES SuperBuild flag not propogated correctly
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-616 SIMPLEITK-616]] - Using the ImageSeriesWriter with VectorImages does not work.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-617 SIMPLEITK-617]] - Check if the LBFGSB optimizer respects the number of iteration parameters. This may be an ITK bug.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-622 SIMPLEITK-622]] - LevelSetMotionRegistrationFilter documentation
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-624 SIMPLEITK-624]] - Linking is running out of memory on windows with the monolithic build for distrubutions
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-626 SIMPLEITK-626]] - When printing transform the reported ITK reference count is 2.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-629 SIMPLEITK-629]] - VS11 has compilation error with std::bind
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-632 SIMPLEITK-632]] - Intermettent build failure of SimpleITK
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-633 SIMPLEITK-633]] - invoking execute method without setting initial transform segfaults
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-1 SIMPLEITK-1]] - Develop registration framework for ITKv4 Framework
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-571 SIMPLEITK-571]] - Add More Registration Examples
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-378 SIMPLEITK-378]] - The Readme.md file is not particularly user friendly for Windows
users. Could it be renamed for the C# package to say &quot;Readme.txt&quot;?
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-490 SIMPLEITK-490]] - Update Measurements to be tr1::function calls to the base ITK object.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-512 SIMPLEITK-512]] - Add basic LabelMap Filters for manipulating labels.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-586 SIMPLEITK-586]] - Enforcing System ITK Module dependencies
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-596 SIMPLEITK-596]] - Update SimpleITK Doxygen doxygen.config
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-611 SIMPLEITK-611]] - request for transform constructors
==New Feature==
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-298 SIMPLEITK-298]] - MergeLabelMapFilter
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-345 SIMPLEITK-345]] - The Image readers should have a cast or read as option
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-429 SIMPLEITK-429]] - Some filter have optional inputs. This include PDE registration and masked thresholding. The needs to be added to the JSON.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-533 SIMPLEITK-533]] - Develop the Interface for the ImageRegistrationMethodv4 based on the ITKv4 registration framework.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-541 SIMPLEITK-541]] - The Demons registration based filters need an optional input for the initial deformation field.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-542 SIMPLEITK-542]] - Add the filter from the ImageNoise module
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-543 SIMPLEITK-543]] - Update ITK towards version 4.6
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-550 SIMPLEITK-550]] - Add TransfromToDisplacementField filter.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-555 SIMPLEITK-555]] - Refactor Transforms to allow specific interface for different transformation types
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-567 SIMPLEITK-567]] - Add wrapping for the ScaleSkewVersor
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-573 SIMPLEITK-573]] - Add missing methods to the transform interfaces
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-588 SIMPLEITK-588]] - Add access to the GlobalPhysicalSpaceTolerance variable.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-603 SIMPLEITK-603]] - Add transform adaptor support for the ImageRegistration method
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-605 SIMPLEITK-605]] - Add ScaleTransform
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-607 SIMPLEITK-607]] - Missing methods to the ImageRegistrationMethod class
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-612 SIMPLEITK-612]] - For Image and Transform class make public and rename MakeUniqueForWrite to MakeUnique
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-613 SIMPLEITK-613]] - Add FastMarchingUpwindGradient and CollidingFronts filters
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-623 SIMPLEITK-623]] - Add optimizer weights to image registration method
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-438 SIMPLEITK-438]] - add method to use a VectorImage as a Image of Vectors for displacement fields.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-530 SIMPLEITK-530]] - Test and validate useful and correct functionality of the components in the ImageRegistrationMethods
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-531 SIMPLEITK-531]] - Use SimpleITK&#39;s Registration to perform a complete neuro-imaging registration sequence.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-544 SIMPLEITK-544]] - Update SWIG to 3.0.2
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-545 SIMPLEITK-545]] - Upgrade PCRE to latest version.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-591 SIMPLEITK-591]] - run script that propagates doxygen documentation to python docstring
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-599 SIMPLEITK-599]] - Update SWIG to 3.0.4 and PCRE to 8.36
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-610 SIMPLEITK-610]] - Fix Dashboard warnings and failing tests.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-614 SIMPLEITK-614]] - Address CMake CMP0054 policy warnings.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-618 SIMPLEITK-618]] - Update ITK super build version to 4.7.1
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-619 SIMPLEITK-619]] - Update SWIG doc strings.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-630 SIMPLEITK-630]] - Reduce dashboard warnings.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-634 SIMPLEITK-634]] - Update ITK super build toward 4.7.2
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-636 SIMPLEITK-636]] - Update SimpleITK Doxygen documentation form ITK and update the SWIG documentation.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-637 SIMPLEITK-637]] - Why are there no symbols in the Doxygen?
=SimpleITK - Version 0.8.1 Release=
We are pleased to announce the SimpleITK 0.8.1 Release.
SimpleITK is a simplified layer built on top of ITK, intended to facilitate its use in rapid prototyping, education and interpreted languages. SimpleITK provides binaries for several wrapped languages to enable users to rapidly get started using ITK.
Information on how to get started and download the binaries: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/GettingStarted#Binaries
This patch release updates the ITK version to the newly released 4.7.0. Additionally, this patch contains improved support for CMake 3.0, fixes for compilation issues, the addition of the LabelOverlapMeasures filter, and a fix for the ClampCast filter.
Also, we are now compiling for Python 3.4, and have stopped compiling for Python 3.2.  Lastly, we are providing some binaries for the Anaconda Python distribution on Binstar.
Binary distributions for many platforms and languages are available for downloading: https://sourceforge.net/projects/simpleitk/files/SimpleITK/0.8.1/
Release Doxygen Documentation: http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen08/html/index.html
Additional Release Notes: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/SimpleITK/ReleaseNotes#SimpleITK_-_Version_0.8.1_Release
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-583 SIMPLEITK-583]] - Don&#39;t always use ez_setup which downloads setup tools
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-513 SIMPLEITK-513]] - The R package has version 0.5-1 for SimpleITK
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-514 SIMPLEITK-514]] - Off by one error in CMake code for splitting the basic filters library, can result in missing link dependencies.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-517 SIMPLEITK-517]] - Associate installation of all headers with &quot;Development&quot; component
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-518 SIMPLEITK-518]] - Version variable not set after &quot;find_package(SimpleITK)
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-526 SIMPLEITK-526]] - Fix CreateInterpolator guarder define miss match
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-529 SIMPLEITK-529]] - Minor Help Documentation bug
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-546 SIMPLEITK-546]] - SimpleITK Java bindings fail to compile
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-551 SIMPLEITK-551]] - Clamp cast filter is not setting correct bounds.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-552 SIMPLEITK-552]] - CMake 3.0 warning - Do not use LOCATION property in Wrapping/CMakeLists.txt
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-553 SIMPLEITK-553]] - CMake 3.0 warning - sitkConfigureFileBuildtime - non-existent target in  get_target_property
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-554 SIMPLEITK-554]] - CMake 3.0 Waring - TARGET SimpleITKBasicFilters does not exist
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-568 SIMPLEITK-568]] - In Doxygen coming from ITK, there are missing spaces before and after some reference links
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-581 SIMPLEITK-581]] - For the Superbuild have a way so specify the paths which are searched for system libraries.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-584 SIMPLEITK-584]] - Address compilation warning on the CDash package release section.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-589 SIMPLEITK-589]] - Update png test images with an sCal of METER.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-489 SIMPLEITK-489]] - Wrap the LabelOverlapMeasures filter
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-510 SIMPLEITK-510]] - LabelStatisticsImageFilter needs the option to turn off using histograms.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-577 SIMPLEITK-577]] - On Windows add support to build SimpleITK shared but use release Python libraries.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-585 SIMPLEITK-585]] - Upgrade ITK Superbuild version to 4.7
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-569 SIMPLEITK-569]] - Upgrade 0.8 to use ITK 4.6
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-503 SIMPLEITK-503]] - Update a the visual guide for building on Linux, change to debian, and update packages needed.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-511 SIMPLEITK-511]] - Update to ITK 4.5.2
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-523 SIMPLEITK-523]] - Update the SWIG .i documentation files for the new LabelOverlap filter.
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-578 SIMPLEITK-578]] - Update To ITK 4.6.1
*[[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-587 SIMPLEITK-587]] - Update JSON Doxygen strings with latest from ITK 4.7
=SimpleITK - Version 0.8.0 Release=
We are happy to announce the SimpleITK 0.8.0 Release.
SimpleITK is a simplified layer built on top of ITK, intended to facilitate its use in rapid prototyping, education and interpreted languages. SimpleITK provide binaries for several wrapped languages to enable users to rapidly get started using ITK.
Information on how to get started and download the binaries:
* Support for events and command call-backs. More information can be found here: http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen/html/CommandPage.html
** Includes lambdas for Python, and derived delegate classes for CSharp, Java, Ruby and Python.
* Support for compiling OSX Mavericks, by enabling C+11 automatically.
* Improved support for C++11
* Improved support for setting dimensional vector parameters as scalars in the OOP interface
* Improved ProcessObject base class features in OOP interface
* Swig 2.0.12
* Wrapping for R will automatically be enabled if detected due to increased stability with SWIG update.
* Improved printing of enum types.
* Automatically enabling >4GB image on windows.
* Newly wrapped filters BinShrinkImageFilter, CyclicShiftImageFilter, DiscreteGaussianDerivativeImageFilter, LabelVotingImageFilter, and WarpImageFilter.
* Threshold measurement available in automatic thresholding filters
* Experimental Support for generating Python wheels
* ITK 4.5.1
* The operator "~" was incorrectly implemented as a logical not. This has been corrected to be a bitwise not operator for images.
* The KernelEnum types as an object member has been deprecated.
** In-favor of namespace enum: http://www.itk.org/SimpleITKDoxygen/html/namespaceitk_1_1simple.html#a38998f2c7b469b1ad8e337a0c6c0697b
Updated Documentation:
Binary distribution for many platforms and languages are available for downloading:
Release Doxygen Documentation:
Additional Release Note:
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-391 SIMPLEITK-391]] - Correct overloaded operator to use Bitwise filter for bitwise operators
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-476 SIMPLEITK-476]] - Check if the custom std_vector.i file for R is still needed
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-477 SIMPLEITK-477]] - Latest R installs require a NAMESPACE file
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-445 SIMPLEITK-445]] - `GLIBC_2.14' not found
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-451 SIMPLEITK-451]] - The C++ Examples are not being tested.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-453 SIMPLEITK-453]] - CLang 5.0 OS X 10.9 std::tr1 namespace doesn't exist
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-478 SIMPLEITK-478]] - Test Java Command Delegate
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-480 SIMPLEITK-480]] - Automatically add -std=c++11 flag for clang 5.0 on mavericks.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-482 SIMPLEITK-482]] - Fix CMake configuration warning about linking to ourselves.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-495 SIMPLEITK-495]] - Update virtualenv version, not compatible with Ubuntu 13.10, or Debian testing
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-496 SIMPLEITK-496]] - On Maverick with c++11 SWIG is failing with Java and std::vector<bool>
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-507 SIMPLEITK-507]] - The Examples in the "Segmentation" sub-directory are not being run  and need to be updated.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-508 SIMPLEITK-508]] - The Python PEP386 version should not have a '.' before the release candidate  suffix.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-430 SIMPLEITK-430]] - The InterpolatorEnums are print as integers, this should be strings.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-431 SIMPLEITK-431]] - The enums for morphology filters are local to each filter, they should be moved to common location with the sitk prefix.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-432 SIMPLEITK-432]] - upgrade toward ITK 4.5
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-433 SIMPLEITK-433]] - Add Warp ImageFilter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-434 SIMPLEITK-434]] - Add BinShrink filter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-436 SIMPLEITK-436]] - Expose the hidden CMake Variable as advanced options.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-450 SIMPLEITK-450]] - Break compilation of LabelStatisticsImageFilter into 2 file for compilation speed.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-457 SIMPLEITK-457]] - Add CSharp example and test for GetBuffer methods.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-467 SIMPLEITK-467]] - Update super ITK build version towards 4.5.1.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-472 SIMPLEITK-472]] - make using 64 integers default for windows 64
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-473 SIMPLEITK-473]] - Turn on R by default if detected.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-491 SIMPLEITK-491]] - Move WRAPITK option to advanced.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-494 SIMPLEITK-494]] - Reduce time taken for lengthy tests.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-501 SIMPLEITK-501]] - An optional stripping of symbols needs to be done on OSX for the distributed libraries. This reduces the size of the libraries by ~100 Megabytes.
==New Feature==
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-372 SIMPLEITK-372]] - When testing is disabled Python eggs are not created  by the "dist" target.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-410 SIMPLEITK-410]] - Add BUILD_EXAMPLES option to SimpleITK actual build.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-422 SIMPLEITK-422]] - Add missing connectivity to threshold connected image filter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-423 SIMPLEITK-423]] - adding missing resulting measurements to confidence connected filter.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-435 SIMPLEITK-435]] - Add basic access to Image's Meta Data Dictionary
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-440 SIMPLEITK-440]] - Add option to dim_vec to set as a scalar for all components.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-441 SIMPLEITK-441]] - Create Prototype for progress reporting and call backs from filters.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-443 SIMPLEITK-443]] - add DiscreteGaussianDerivative Filter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-444 SIMPLEITK-444]] - Add additional procedure which take dim_vec as scalars if first parameter.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-447 SIMPLEITK-447]] - Refactor ImageFilter to include ProcessObject base class
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-449 SIMPLEITK-449]] - There are some basic missing matrix based transforms that are missing such as Euler and Versor transforms.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-454 SIMPLEITK-454]] - Add call-back events and progress reporting form ITK process objects.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-456 SIMPLEITK-456]] - Add support to transform continuous index to physical point.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-462 SIMPLEITK-462]] - Add SWIG Delegate Support for Command Class
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-463 SIMPLEITK-463]] - Add direct lambda support to ProcessObject::AddCommand in Python
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-468 SIMPLEITK-468]] - Add output operator support for KernelEnums
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-469 SIMPLEITK-469]] - Add output operator to PixelIDTypeEnum
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-493 SIMPLEITK-493]] - Add script to upload data to midas.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-505 SIMPLEITK-505]] - Add threshold value as measurement to auto thresholding filters.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-506 SIMPLEITK-506]] - Add support for generating python wheel to enable pip to download binaries.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-437 SIMPLEITK-437]] - Add more Filters.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-452 SIMPLEITK-452]] - Add const correctness to Get member functions.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-455 SIMPLEITK-455]] - Update to SWIG version 2.0.11
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-466 SIMPLEITK-466]] - Add Doxygen page describing commands, and events in process objects.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-479 SIMPLEITK-479]] - Remove SWIG patch step and just patch the downloaded source
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-481 SIMPLEITK-481]] - Update the Wrapping.dox Doxygen page
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-485 SIMPLEITK-485]] - Update to SWIG 2.0.12
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-486 SIMPLEITK-486]] - Update the JSON doxygen from the ITK XML.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-487 SIMPLEITK-487]] - Update the SWIG docs files from the update SimpleITK JSON.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-488 SIMPLEITK-488]] - Update the Filter Coverage
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-492 SIMPLEITK-492]] - Reduce warnings on the dashboard.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-502 SIMPLEITK-502]] - Create Visual guide for using SimpleITK with CSharp on Windows.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-504 SIMPLEITK-504]] - Add the SimpleITK Notebook page on progress reporting to the master.
=SimpleITK - Version 0.7.1 Release=
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-419 SIMPLEITK-419]] - Fix numpy conversion warning on windows.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-420 SIMPLEITK-420]] - Fix numpy conversion warning on windows.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-421 SIMPLEITK-421]] - Documentation for Statistics image filter bounding box needs to be corrected.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-424 SIMPLEITK-424]] - Unable to convert 4GB+ numpy array to sitkImage
=SimpleITK - Version 0.7.0 Release=
We are pleased to announce the release of SimpleITK 0.7.0!
The release's binary built distributions are available for many languages and platforms. They are available for download:
There are numerous binaries available for download for Python via setuptools' easy_install. Additionally, we have select binary distributions for C# and Java. Information on downloading and getting started can be found here:
Notable improvement:
* Based on ITK 4.4.2 with enhanced performance for operators
* New filters including: Clamp, PatchedBasedDenoising, ScalarChanAndVese, BitwiseNot
* Support for 64-bit integer Pixels ( not enable with windows VS9, nor packaged )
* Add Debug flag for filters to print ITK filter
* Bug fixes.
* And Many more!
* Additional image overloaded operators
Doxygen for this release can be found here:
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-359 SIMPLEITK-359]] - Look into integration of ExternalData.cmake
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-210 SIMPLEITK-210]] - Use printable types for ToString methods
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-371 SIMPLEITK-371]] - SetPixel test is failing on windows in debug mode
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-387 SIMPLEITK-387]] - CSharp version is invalid causing compilation error.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-398 SIMPLEITK-398]] - CSharp is missing the Image::GetBufferAs... methods
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-401 SIMPLEITK-401]] - Verify TR1 error checking for  logic
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-405 SIMPLEITK-405]] - Fix some dashboard warnings
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-406 SIMPLEITK-406]] - Can not convert image >4GB to numpy array
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-408 SIMPLEITK-408]] - Swig build error on windows64 when ITK is not installed, due to excessive path length.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-417 SIMPLEITK-417]] - LabelStatisticsImageFilter does not reset internal measurements for each execution.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-389 SIMPLEITK-389]] - Overload image operators for C# wrappers
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-390 SIMPLEITK-390]] - Add BitwiseNot functor filter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-392 SIMPLEITK-392]] - Improve scanning time of JSON files.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-399 SIMPLEITK-399]] - Update to ITK patch release 4.3.2
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-400 SIMPLEITK-400]] - Update towards ITK 4.4
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-409 SIMPLEITK-409]] - There is an unneeded dependency of many of the BasicFilter libraries on the previous on. This should be removed.
==New Feature==
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-330 SIMPLEITK-330]] - Add PatchBaseDenoising filter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-411 SIMPLEITK-411]] - Add new json field type for enums.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-415 SIMPLEITK-415]] - Add ClampImageFilter
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-352 SIMPLEITK-352]] - Have separate versions of SimpleITK doxygen for each version or tag
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-355 SIMPLEITK-355]] - Add CMake file to use Midas and MD5 files for data.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-356 SIMPLEITK-356]] - Migrate the data from the data submodule to the Midas md5 download system.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-366 SIMPLEITK-366]] - System ITK with Superbuild.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-367 SIMPLEITK-367]] - Move WIki pages to version directories.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-375 SIMPLEITK-375]] - Update SimpleITK Wiki and FAQ, including compiler support and FAQ entries.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-407 SIMPLEITK-407]] - Update the style of SWIG and PCRE.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-412 SIMPLEITK-412]] - Fix dashboard issues
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-416 SIMPLEITK-416]] - Update Source Tarball script for midas data.
* [[https://issues.itk.org/jira/browse/SIMPLEITK-418 SIMPLEITK-418]] - The size of the monolithic test driver is too big on windows. This should be broken up

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