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Current open questions

  • Internal execution mechanism
    • switch statement, supported by macros
    • Factory mechanism, new image types could be added at runtime
    • Meta-programming
  • Datatypes
    • What to support "out of the box"?
    • How easy/difficult to add new datatypes to a build?
  • Compile times
    • Templates radically extend CPU and memory requirements
  • Library size / scope
    • Custom SWIG files vs. automatically generated SWIG
    • Automation for SimpleITK facade generation from ITK classes?

Suggested Areas to Cover

  • IO
  • Basic Filters
  • Registration
    • Basic Framework
    • Deformable registration
      • BSplines
      • Demons
  • Segmentation
    • Region Growing
    • Level Sets
    • Classifiers
  • Meshes ? (Not Yet)


  • Image pixel types supported
    • int8_t
    • int16_t
    • int32_t
    • float
  • Image dimensions supported
    • 3D
    • Is 2D managed as a 3D image of 1 slice ?
      • Performance penalty for neighborhood filters... ?
      • Could be "2D" versions of 3D filters, i.e. RecursiveGaussianFilter2D. This would work on a slice-by-slice basis.


Wrapped languages will be any that SWIG supports, if someone is willing to write tests / any needed glue code.

  • C++ Layer
  • Python
  • Lua
  • Java
  • ?