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Tcon topics 7/16/2010

  • IO class to combine ImageFileReader and ImageSeriesReader into a single class.
      • Make this class in ITK proper first, then expose it in simple ITK.
  • Namespace to use : "sitk" or "stk".
  • Const-correctness: (yes)
  • Thread-safety:
    • The same instance of the object can't be used from multiple-threads.
    • Multiple-threads can create instances of an object type.
  • Testing
    • Based on the same testing framework as ITK.
    • Higher quality bar than ITK proper.
  • Exposing basic types:
    • Avoid exposing low level types such as Region, Array...
  • Registration
    • Implement pre-fabricated modules that contain a full registration framework
    • Used the Finder (dynamic registration) pattern to reduce compilation time (enable parallel compilation).
      • Finder will locate even internal components (such as interpolators) by name (using a string).
    • Should the output be a
      • Resampled Image ?
      • Transform ? ( <----This one )
      • Transform Parameters ?
    • There will be a simpleResample that takes a simpleTransform as argument
    • There will be simpleTransformReader & simpleTransformWriter
  • Segmentation
    • Output should be a LabelMap (plus a naming convention)
      • Make this class in ITK proper first, then expose it in simple ITK.
      • Along with Readers and Writers.
    • "Feature" associated with every label.
    • The Registration resampler should be able to map label images as well (to map a segmentation from an atlas to a subject, for example).
    • Level Sets will be packaged at a modular level (with their preprocessing filters included).