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Tcon topics 8/12/2010

Notes from discussions held during the tcon:

  • Gabe Hart reported on experiments with wrapping SimpleITK for Java
    • How to manage classpath ?
    • How to organize ITK classes into jar file.
      • Should they follow the distribution of "modular ITK" ?
  • Synergy between WrapITK and SimpleITK
    • Could we use WrapITK infrastructure to generate the instantiations of SimpleITK ?
  • Brad L. reported on experiments using template metaprogramming for selecting pixel types
  • Discussion about what pixel types to provide
    • Should they be extendable by a user ?
    • How about "unsigned long" ? (or is it Label Maps what we really want ?)
  • Label Maps
    • We agree in that they should be a first class citizen object, at the pair of the image
    • How to map LabelObjects from one image grid coordinates to another ?
      • Do we need a "resample label map" filter ?
  • Procedural look and feel
    • Should SimpleITK has a procedural look ? (ala Matlab ?)
    • Or the sequence of "create object, set parameter, set parameter.... execute"
    • Can we have both ?
      • Without one diminishing the other ?
  • What to do with basic Arrat types ?
    • Point, Vector, CovariantVector
      • How to hide their dimension ?
    • Introduce a generic "Array" class at SimpleITK level ?
      • maybe with an internal enum indicating that it is a Point, Vector or CovariantVector ?
      • Manage Dimension dynamically (or hide it internally), just like the simple Image class.
  • SimpleITK making it look natural in Wrapped languages
    • Provide functionalities for converting ITK classes into classes of the target language
  • SimpleITK & Visualization
    • Should we provide some simple visualization capabilities ?
    • Easy conversion from ITK simpleImage to vtkImageData
    • Basic Viewer example (maybe based on Qt+VTK: or CTK for that matter) that takes origin, spacing and orientation into account.
  • What pixel types to include ?
    • Suggested for Microscopy
      • unsigned char (int8)
      • signed short (int16)
      • unsigned short (uint16)
      • signed int (int32)
      • unsigned int (uint32)
      • float (float32)
      • double