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Tcon topics 8/17/2010

  • Next ITKv4 Meeting - Potentially October 4-6
  • Additional Conference Calls held last week
    • SimpleITK
    • Microscopy
      • Summary: What changes to the ITK fundamentals required for large image sizes. There may be issues for video processing as well
        • How to deal with time as a dimension
        • Memory management (Streaming)
      • Possible changes to the image structure - Luis will make proposal to handle these issues and present to the group
        • Video processing may require a ring buffer structure
        • Iterators may need to be updated to avoid access to the buffer pointer
        • Possibility of using image adapters
      • Multi-resolution Images
        • Possibility of support for this at the level of the image reader (JPEG2000: support for 2D images in files)
        • Query image reader for different resolution images
      • Non-regular image spacing
        • Potential different time point for top and bottom of image
        • VTK Rectilinear grid handles this
        • What filters are required to handle non-uniform spacing. Can convolution be applied and then resample to regular spacing
        • Does this cause a data explosion
      • File formats
        • Desire for more file format support: probably would benefit from just 2-3 formats
        • 64 bit TIFF reader, Vendor specific private tags
        • Update to libTiff is required
        • Streaming support exists for Meta, VTK, MRC. ImageSeriesReader will stream slice-by-slice
    • WrapITK
  • Sequestered reference applications
  • Clean-up Releases
    • Currently running behind
    • Limited coverage for Windows machines on the Dashboard - Need to turn on BUILD_EXAMPLES for these machines
    • Need to updated OpenJPEG (version 2) and libTiff
    • Design for QR of PACS without writing to disk
      • Currently requires to locally save a copy of the file(s) before reading as an ITK image
      • How do you know what you are going to get (e.g. multi-planar scout images)
      • Create a database or data structure to present to the programmer and then create an image from the bulk data
      • What API is required to support this functionality
      • Data structure to hold information (DOM specification - Larry Tarbox from XIP - Stephen Alyward)
      • Potential to pass Metadata Dictionary