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Tcon topics 8/26/2010

  • Gerrit
    • What sort of work flow should we follow?
    • How do we get this set up correctly with git and github?
  • Interoperability with ITK
    • Are we all agreed that this is a top priority?
  • Flexibility w.r.t. dimensions
    • Are we all agreed that no more than 2D and 3D is needed?
  • Flexibility w.r.t. types
    • Fixed set of types? (Just a thought)
    • Everything cast to doubles? (Again, just a thought)
    • Typing system
      • PixelTypeID
      • Instantiation
      • Runtime choosing of methods
      • Macros
        • Not pretty
        • Fairly intuitive
      • Meta-Programming
        • Hard to understand completely
        • Adds ability for each filter to specify what types it works for
  • Dynamic casting
    • Should there be convenience methods to do this?
    • Should the user have to do it themselves?
  • User seeing templates
    • Are we all agreed that the user should never see templates?
    • image creation without templates?
  • Documentation
    • Doxygen
    • Tutorial?