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1. VRPN Server setup:

Download VRPN form the following link and compile.

There is a configuration file which also has configurations for space navigator. Make a separate config file with the setting or simply uncomment the config setting in the same file.

 vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMouse device0
 vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMousePro device0

Run the vrpn_server with this config file. At this point the blue light on the space navigator should turn on.

./vrpn_server -f vrpn.cfg

2. Running Paraview:

NOTE: You have to manually build ParaView from source with PARAVIEW_BUILD_PLUGIN_VRPNPlugin set to ON. We are looking into packing the plugin with distributed binaries onwards.

  1. Start ParaView
  2. Enable the VR plugin in Tools->Manage Plugins... (Select VR Plugin and click 'Load Selected')
  3. On the VR Panel, click on '+ Add...' to add a VR Connections
    1. Type: VPRN
    2. Name: vrconn

Run paraview with --vrpn --vrpn-address options.

 paraview --vrpn --vrpn-address=tracker0@localhost

note: 'tracker0' should be replaced with whatever name is provided in the configuration file.

once paraview is started

Select: Tools->Manage Plugins ->VRPN Plugin {Click On: Load Selected }

3. Use

Selecting the root of the pipeline (builtin:) to manipulate the camera. Clicking on any object manipulates the object.

Typically use the mouse (on right hand) to select objects and Space Navigator (on left hand) to manipulate the object or camera.