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in the CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER section, it seems the search path indicated are incorrect

  • Platform/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME}.cmake (mandatory)
  • Platform/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME}-<compiler>.cmake (optional)
  • Platform/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME}-<compiler>-${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}.cmake (optional)

should be replaced by

  • Platform/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME}.cmake (mandatory)
  • Platform/${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME}-${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}-<compiler>.cmake (optional)

Moreover, it would be nice to have ability to add local platform definitions. Currently, they need to be added in the cmake installation shared directory.

Windows 64-bit and WoW64

It seems only the posix perspective is presented here. Allthough cross compiling for visual studio is done by selecting the 64 bit generator type, and so might not be relevant, perhaps it makes sense to clarify this early on in the document, so as to put the reader on the right path.