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The main reason why I'm asnikg is because I started teaching myself japanese about 20 years ago. My goal in learning japanese was not to learn japanese. Every one has a different motive. Mine was more an experiment in memory training and language adquisition.The goals:1 Memory boost.2 fast language adquisition.(at the same time)My theory was that one could dramatically shorten the language adquisition curve by dramatically boosting one's retention ability, in other words, boosting one's memory.The experiment was a total success. I was able to learn more than 1200 kanji, with a very very high percentage of accuracy, enough to get me on my way  to reading regular japanese novels for japanese  (Even before moving to japan, I was able to read any book on any subject and read thru without any trouble, I can read the newspapers too, I just don't like reading it, I find it boring) I much rather read a novel or a self-improvement book in japanese, if I'm going to read, but these days I don't read as much, I prefer doing listening to japanese comedy. Part of the conditions for the experiment was to learn it under the most unlikely situation, in a place were there was no person speaking japanese and no resources. Have you heard about the famous little fishing village in the mexican riviera called  Playa del Carmen ? (About 1 hour south of Cancun, If you've never been please visit, gorgeous place!)Anyway, For six months all I did was study japanese kanji,  every waking hour. But didn't study that much in my house; most of the time I'd go to a coffee shop where I could also enjoy girl-watching.To make a long story short, I've been in japan 8 years now!I spend a few months in Osaka, a few years in a small okinawan island called Ishigaki, and now 3 plus years 30 minutes from Tokyo, in a very nice city called Urawa.If you ever come to Tokyo, mi casa es s casa!Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all of this is because if you are learning japanese now, I have created a very special software that I would like you to try.This software is original, introduces simplified japanesegrammar concepts and is very very good. It's even good for myself!I hope you contact me so that we can get to know eachother better and become friends.Ciao bellissimo.Martini (Martini is my nickname, real name is Martin, LOL)

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