VTK/ARB/Meetings/July 2011

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  • Jeff
  • Berk
  • Will
  • Bill
  • Steve
  • Andrew
  • Stephane
  • Claudio
  • Paolo


  • Review action items from last time
  • Modularization status
  • Backward compatibility (with regards to pipeline)


  • Berk described the modularization efforts. One major fly in the ointment is testing. One concern are "non-unit" tests, those that have wider dependencies.
  • Decoupling data model and execution model. Berk is 95% of the way through.
  • Schedule: still chugging away at 5.8 release. 5.10 release will be out in August. Legacy stuff will be in 5.10; it will be possible to remove "Legacy" in 5.10 to see what v6.0 will look like. There will be tools and documentation for moving to v6.0.