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  • Jeff
  • Berk
  • Will
  • Bill
  • Steve
  • Andrew
  • Stephane
  • Claudio
  • Paolo


  • Review action items from last time
  • Modularization status
  • Backward compatibility (with regards to pipeline)
  • Wrapping
  • SetInput()


  • Berk described the modularization efforts. One major fly in the ointment is testing. One concern are "non-unit" tests, those that have wider dependencies.
  • Decoupling data model and execution model. Berk is 95% of the way through.
  • Schedule: still chugging away at 5.8 release. 5.10 release will be out in August. Legacy stuff will be in 5.10; it will be possible to remove "Legacy" in 5.10 to see what v6.0 will look like. There will be tools and documentation for moving to v6.0 (i.e., scripts). v6.0 realistically in November time frame.
  • Python wrapping issues (New() vs. NewInstance() and reference counts, magic to control reference counts). Defer this to v6.0 (need to talk with David Gobbi who is spearheading the effort). Another option is to investigate using SmartPointers() instead, this needs to be investigated. Need to investigate relationship to Java (and Jython).
  • Berk- Leaving SetInput() alone with a new behavior is a problem. The general agreement is to change name and make sure there is a clear legacy / upgrade path between 5.8 -> 5.10 -> 6.0. v6.0 will have significant incompatibilities.