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Meeting Times

Meeting Times
Name Time Zone Local Time
Will Schroeder EDT
Berk Geveci EDT
Jeff Baumes EDT
Bill Lorensen EDT
Steve Pieper EDT
Andrew Maclean AEST
Jim Ahrens MDT
Brian Wylie MDT
Claudio Silva MDT
Paolo Quadrani CET


  • Welcome
    • Thanks to all ARB members for their participation
    • 10 individuals from academic, national labs, commercial and retirement communities
    • representing North and South America, Europe and Australia
  • Purpose and Goals
    • See the ARB Description
    • Focus on larger strategic issues
    • Address critical technical decisions
    • Foster the growth of VTK
    • Manage the growth of VTK
    • Communicate to the broader VTK community
  • Process
    • Most of the work via email/wiki
    • Hold Periodic meetings
  • Issues
    • Organizing for growth (Will Schroeder)
    • VTK Journal (Will Schroeder)