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[[VTK/SoftwareQuality/NightlyExpectedBuildTestFailures|Nightly Expected builds]]
[[VTK/SoftwareQuality/NightlyExpectedBuildTestFailures#Define|What do we want to accomplish?]]
Failing Expected Nightly Tests
* [[VTK/SoftwareQuality/NightlyBuildSummary-2013-02-19| as of February 19, 2013]]
* [[VTK/SoftwareQuality/NightlyBuildSummary-2013-02-20| as of February 20, 2013]]
* [[VTK/SoftwareQuality/NightlyBuildSummary-2013-02-21| as of February 21, 2013]]
This table summarize the failing tests and preliminary diagnosis.
Gerrit topics to fix failing tests.
How to we keep things green?

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The first VTK Dashboard Hackathon is scheduled for February 27, 2013. The purpose of this hack-a-thon is to drive the number of recurring, failing test defects to 0 on the VTK Nightly Expected dashboard.


  • Location: Kitware, Clifton Park
  • Google Hangout: TBD
  • Beer celebration: TBD


Note: all times are preliminary and flexible

Location: KHQ21 Conference Room

  • 9:00 - Review/modify agenda
  • 9:15 - Review/modify goals
  • 9:30 - Establish baseline
  • 9:45 - Assignments
  • 10:00 - Hack, hack, submit reviews

Location: KHQ21 Auditorium


Nightly Expected builds