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    • Reader beware: This is a very high level, "get it to work" set of instructions, not a lesson in the workings of the VTK pipeline. **

In VTK 4, there were functions like:


In VTK 5, many of these functions still work, but they were supposed to have been deprecated in favor of: filter->SetInputConnection(anotherFilter->GetOutputPort());

What do you do if you don't have anotherFilter, but rather just a dataSet? You can use the GetProducerPort() function of the dataSet: filter->SetInputConnection(dataSet->GetProducerPort());

which "fakes" as if it were the output of a filter.

In VTK 6, we are back to being able to pass a non-filter output (a dataSet) directly to a filter, but it is now called SetInputData: filter->SetInputData(vtkPolyData*)