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This page was based on Sebastien Barre's VTK Links: Documentation page.

Don't forget to check the official VTK web site(and Kitware : VTK), What is VTK ? and the VTK overview.

Man pages

   * VTK 4.x: nightly Man Pages (CHM and tar archives available here)
   * VTK 4.2: nightly Man Pages
   * VTK 4.0: nightly Man Pages
   * VTK 3.2: nightly Man Pages (archived in vtkMan.tar.gz, available in the nightly FTP ; use ftpuser as username and public as password) 
   * VTK 3: nightly Man Pages (archived in vtkMan.tar.gz, available in the nightly FTP ; use ftpuser as username and public as password) 

The VTK documentation is now generated using Doxygen, thanks to the work of some VTK users. The whole process is described in the Doxygen documentation project page.


The Visualization Toolkit, An Object-Oriented Approach To 3D Graphics

(W. Schroeder, K. Martin, B. Lorensen) 520 pages, 16 color plates, CD-ROM with software/images/data, ISBN 1-930934-12-2, Kitware, Inc. Publishers (originally Prentice-Hall) (available from Kitware e-store and amazon.com).

The VTK User's Guide (+ its PDF toc)

"Everything you need to install, use, and extend VTK. Detailed examples, installation procedures, developers guide, file format descriptions, how to write imaging and graphics filters, plus data object API details for VTK version 4.4. [...]. The VTK Users's Guide is a companion text to The Visualization Toolkit text. While The Visualization Toolkit stresses algorithmic and data structure details, the VTK User's Guide stresses how to use the software."

BookStore (various pointers and suggested material at Kitware)


The Design and Implementation of an Object-Oriented Toolkit for 3D Graphics and Visualization ( PDF)

(W. Schroeder, K. Martin, Bl Lorensen) IEEE Visualization '96, San Francisco, California, USA.

A Parallel Approach for Efficiently Visualizing Extremely Large, Time-Varying Datasets ( PDF)

(J. Ahrens, C. Law, W. Schroeder, K. Martin, M. Papka) Los Alamos National Laboratory – Technical Report #LAUR-00-1620


VTK File Formats ( PDF file, taken from the VTK User's Guide)


Possible Steps to Improve the VTK Library

(A. D. Burry)

VTK: [Welcome | Site Map]