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The VTK source code is accessible through an online CVS repository. To obtain the source code under Windows, you can use WinCVS which is a GUI front-end for CVS. Download and install WinCVS from www.wincvs.org. Then you can start WinCVS and configure it as explained in Access the CVS source-code repository.
Lets doing it step by step.

Log in to the CVS site repository

Menu Admin->Login...

Authentification : pserver
Path : /cvsroot/VTK
Host address : public.kitware.com
User Name : anonymous

WinCVS login settings

Click Ok. A new window pops up and ask you for a password.

WinCVS password authentification
Enter vtk.

Now you should read this message on the bottom console :

***** CVS exited normally with code 0 *****

If so, you are connected. You can then ask for the VTK source code. To do this, you have to do a checkout.

Doing the checkout

Menu Remote->Checkout module...

Module name and path on the server: VTK
Local folder to checkout to: <the path where you want the source code to be>

WinCVS checkout settings

Click Ok. You should see the list of downloaded files in the bottom console.
Once terminated, you can do a checkout for the VTK Data. Do the same thing but change the module name to VTKData.

WinCVS login settings for VTKData WinCVS checkout settings for VTKData

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