[Insight-developers] Insight Journal Submission : TEMPLATE

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Fri Dec 16 11:48:24 EST 2005

Hi Hans,

A Template for an Insight Journal submission is
available in the Wiki page:


You can download it directly from


or from the NAMIC Sandbox subversion repository:


It contains

* Example of a LaTeX submission
** LaTeX Style
** BiBTeX Style
** Sample article

* Example of source code
** Cxx file with an algorithm
** CMakeLists.txt file for configuring and testing
** ImageCompare.cxx for validating the outputs
** IJMacros.txt for commonly used CMake macros
** Input image for the algorithm.

Note that the LaTeX Style here is no longer the Springer LCNS format.
Instead we are using a variation of the Style of the ITK Software Guide,
which includes macros for pointing to ITK Doxygen documentation, and for
citing code in verbatim. The format also supports hyperref, and uses
Bibtex for bibliography.


Information about the Insight Journal is available at


Information about the procedure for contributing algorithms to ITK
via publications in the Insight Journal is available at


Please send us any suggestions for improving this format.



Hans Johnson wrote:
> Insight Journal Folks,
> I am helping a colleague on an application submission to the insight 
> journal.  This will include a short document (latex), the application 
> (ITK), and a test suite (ctest).  Has the reference journal submission 
> templates discussed a few weeks ago been created yet?  I've looked at 
> the WIKI, but could not find the reference material.
> Thanks,
> Hans
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