[Insight-developers] ITK -TCON 2.0 : Second Life : Friday August 22nd : 1pm EST

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Fri Aug 15 11:23:09 EDT 2008

Hi Gaetan,

     You bring up a very important point here.

As a non-native English speaker I fully understand that the
standard of hosting the ITK tcon in English is not fully
welcoming the international diversity of the developers
and users community.

There is no reason why we couldn't alternate the language
of the ITK Tcon 2.0, and for example, every two weeks host
it in French or Spanish.

Alternatively, we could also explore the option of having
volunteers to translate during the tcon, by taking advantage
of the multiple voice channel capabilities of second life.

For example, I'll be happy to volunteer for translating:

       English  --> Spanish
       Spanish  --> English
       French   --> English

I would speculate that we should be able to find volunteers
for translating:

       English --> French
       English --> Dutch

One of the goals of the ITK Tcon 2.0 is to engage a larger
community of users and developers. So we fully agree with
you that we must consider celebrating the linguistic diversity
of the community.

    My 2 Cents


Gaëtan Lehmann wrote:
> Le 13 août 08 à 16:55, Luis Ibanez a écrit :
>> The ITK Weekly phone conference has been for the past nine years
>> one of the main vehicles of communication and coordination among
>> developers.
>> However, given the growth, and particularly the internationalization
>> of the developers team. The phone conference is no longer being
>> inclusive enough to fulfill its original purpose effectively.
>> We are therefore experimenting with new technologies hopping to find
>> a new method of communication that can effectively include developers
>> from different geographical zones.
> On the side of the "old technologies", there is the IRC chan #itk on  
> irc.freenode.net :-)
> Not as attractive than SL, and surely not as efficient for a weekly  
> meeting, but quite nice for non-native english speakers who have some  
> difficulties to understand what is said in a phone conference.
> It would be nice to see some of us there, between the weekly phone  
> conferences ;-)
> Regards,
> Gaëtan

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